The Family of Joseph Vollans (1822 – 1901)

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10 Photo Joseph Vollans and second wife.jpgThis photograph is of Joseph with his second wife, Hannah,

He was baptised 24 March 1822 at Church Fenton, a son of Joseph Vollans and Elizabeth (formerly Hesselgrave).

In 1841, at Biggin, in the household of Robert Bunting, a farmer aged 77, Joseph was an agricultural labourer, aged 19 and born in the county.  With him was Thomas Vollans [brother6], an agricultural labourer, aged 16 and born in the county.

Joseph Vollans married Charlotte Turner at Hemingbrough, by licence, 24 November 1845. They were both of full age, a bachelor and spinster of Barlby. Joseph Vollans was a servant in husbandry, a son of Joseph Vollans, a farmer and ? at Church Fenton. Charlotte's father was Thomas Turner, a farmer.

In the 1851 census of Barlby, in the household of his father-in-law, Thomas Turner, Joseph was a teasel dealer, aged 28. With him was his wife, Charlotte, aged 29 and born at Hatfield, and children Mary Ann aged 4, Thomas aged 2 and Elizabeth aged under 12 months, all born at Barlby.

Between 1855 and 1857 the family, together with Charlotte's father Thomas Turner, moved from Barlby to Hatfield Woodhouse, on the outskirts of Thorne, where Thomas had previously lived.  They may have left the farm at Barlby because of the suicide there of Thomas's wife, Nancy, 27 January 1856.

Charlotte died 15 June 1858, at Woodhouse Hatfield, on the outskirts of Thorne (her father was living at Hatfield Woodhouse in 1861, and it seems likely that Joseph and Charlotte moved with him when he left Barlby). She was aged 37, the wife of Joseph Vollans, farmer, and died of chronic diarrhoea, from which she had suffered for 8 months.

Joseph Vollans married again after Charlotte's death . The marriage occurred on 27 January 1859 in the Register Office, Thorne. Joseph was aged 38, a widower and farmer of Woodhouse Hatfield and a son of Joseph Vollans, a labourer. Hannah Jackson was aged 21, a spinster of Woodhouse Hatfield and a daughter of William Jackson, a labourer.

In 1861 at Upper Haugh, Rawmarsh, Joseph Vollance was aged 38, an agricultural labourer, born at Church Fenton. His wife was Sarah (quite clear but an error), aged 23, born at Belton, Lincs. His children were Sarah aged 6 and Scharlotte aged 8, both born at Barlby and Harriot aged 2 months, born at Rawmarsh.

In the census of 1871, at Hoober Hall, Brampton, Joseph (as Bollans in the schedule), was aged 46, a coal miner, born at Church Fenton. His wife, Hannah, was aged 33 and born at Lindow, Yorks. His children were Harriet aged 10, born at Haugh (in Rawmarsh), George aged 8, Aurthur aged 6 and Alice aged 10 months, all born at Hoober Hall.

In the 1881 census, at Newhill, Brampton Bierlow (3 miles west of Mexborough), Joseph's age was 53. He was a coal miner, born at Church Fenton. His wife was Hannah, aged 43 born at 'Levels W Thorn'. His children were George aged 17, a trammer, coal mine, Arthur aged 16, a trammer, coal mine, Alice aged 10, Allin aged 8, Elenor, aged 5 and Fred aged 2, all born at Brampton Bierlow.

In the 1891 census of Newhill, Brampton Bierlow, Joseph was aged 63, a labourer, born at Church Fenton, his wife Hannah was aged 52 and born at Belton, Lincs. Their children were Allan aged 18, a coal miner, Fred aged 12 and Lucy aged 10, all born at Brampton Bierlow.

In the 1901 census index (under Vollano), in the parish of West Melton, at 81 Newhill, were Joseph, aged 74, born at Church Fenton, Hannah, aged 63, born at Epworth and Fred, aged 22, a coal miner, born at Brampton.

Joseph died on the 3 May 1901 at 84 Newhill, Wath UD, a pit labourer, aged 74 (he was actually 79). The cause of death was brain softening (presumably dementia) and the informant was A Vollans, of Newhill (presumably Arthur).

In 1911, at 84 Newhill West, Melton, Near Rotherham, in 6 rooms, Hannah Vollans was a widow aged 72 and born in Belton parish, Lincolnshire.  With her was her daughter Eleanor Shaw aged 35 and born in Melton parish.  She had been married for 12 years and had had 3 children one of whom had died.  Her husband was George Henry Shaw, aged 38, a miner onsetter and born in Rotherham.  Their children were Allan Jackson Shaw aged 8 and Joseph Vollans Shaw aged 6 both born in Melton parish.

Hannah died 8 February 1918 at 78 Queen Street, Swinton U.D. in the Wath sub-district.  She was the widow of Joseph Vollans a colliery surface labourer.  She died of senile decay.  S. Oates, her son-in-law [married to Alice], of 11 Crown Street, Swinton, was the informant.  She was aged 79.

Joseph and Charlotte's children were:

  1. Mary Ann, born about 1846/7 at Barlby.
  2. Thomas Jonathan, born about 1848/9 at Barlby.
  3. Hannah Elizabeth, born 14 September 1850 at Barlby.
  4. Sarah, born about 1852 at Barlby.
  5. Charlotte Ann, born about 1855 at Barlby.
  6. Ellen (1857 – 1857), birth registered in the December quarter 1857 in the Thorne district.  She died 9 November 1857 at Woodhouse Hatfield.

Joseph and Hannah's children were:

  1. Harriet, born about January 1861 at Haugh.
  2. George, born 1863 at Hoober Hall or Brampton Bierlow.
  3. Arthur, born 1865 at Hoober Hall or Brampton Bierlow.
  4. Eleanor (1867 – 1870), born 1867 at Brampton Bierlow, baptised 1 December 1867 and died 1870.
  5. Alice, born 1870 at Hoober Hall or Brampton Bierlow.
  6. Allan Jackson, born 1872 at Brampton Bierlow (registered in the Rotherham district June quarter of 1872).
  7. Eleanor, born 1875 at Brampton Bierlow (registered in the Rotherham district, September, quarter of 1875).
  8. Fred, born 1878 at Brampton Bierlow.
  9. Lucy, born 1881 at Brampton Bierlow.

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