The Family of Arthur Vollans (1865 – 1941)

I am very grateful to Patricia Burke for information on this family.


He was born at Brampton Bierlow, registered in the June quarter 1865 in the Rotherham district.  He was baptised 9 April 1865, a son of Joseph Vollans and Hannah (formerly Jackson).


In 1871, he was at home with his parents aged 6 and born at Hoober Hall.


In the 1881 census he was living at home, aged 16, a trammer (coal mine), and born at Brampton Bierlow.


He married Annie Maud Shaw (born 23 September 1866, sister of George Henry Shaw who married Eleanor Vollans) in the March quarter 1889 in the Rotherham district.


In the 1891 census he was living at Newhill, a coal miner, aged 26 and born at Brampton Bierlow.  His wife was Annie, aged 25 and born at Rawmarsh.  Their children were Joseph aged 1, born at Newhill Brampton and Hannah aged 3 days, born at Newhill.


In the 1901 census he was living at 85 Newhill, West Melton, in 3 rooms (close to his parents, at 81).  He was aged 36, a coal miner (hewer) and born at Brampton.  His wife, Annie M. was aged 35, and born at Rawmarsh.  Their children were Joseph aged 11 and Hannah aged 10, both born at Brampton. 


In 1911 (Index), in the Rotherham district, Arthur was aged 46, Annie Maud was aged 44, Joseph was aged 21 and Hannah was aged 20.


He died in 1941. 


Arthur and Annie’s children were

Joseph Vollans, born about 1889/90 at Newhill, Brampton.  He married Rose Annie Smith.  Joseph V. Asbery was a witness at this wedding.

Hannah Vollans, born about March 1891 at Newhill, Brampton.

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Posted October 2016