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Site last updated January 2017.  Over the winter of 2016-17 we intend to update large parts of our site with information gathered during the last few years.  We have completed the updating of David’s ancestors.  In the New Year we will finish the updating of Anne’s ancestors.  We have completed the Ellerbeck section and its Killingbeck, Ellis and Dalton branches, which have been considerably enlarged.

Whilst we have taken great care in preparing the following pages, mistakes will inevitably occur and you are advised to check everything, if possible from original sources.  If you do find errors we would be grateful if you would let us know.  We have placed our research on the internet to preserve it for our descendents and relatives and indeed anyone who may find it of value.  All we ask, if you do make use of any of our material, is an acknowledgement.  Most of the research is our own, carried out over some 40 years, but we are very grateful to a number of people whose work we have drawn upon and this is indicated where appropriate.

We have not included details of anyone who might be alive, to protect their privacy.

Our Grandparents

David's father's parents were George Winfield William Johnson (direct ancestors and family names Baines, Barlow, Elliott, Fletcher, Hawksley, Kitchen, Marsden, Shaw, Sutton, Turner) and
Elsie Elizabeth formerly Asbery (direct ancestors and family names Downing, Foster, Kesteven, Knowles, Hesselgrave, Mitchell, Pattrick, Skelton, Turner, Vollans).

David's mother's parents were Sidney Cutter (direct ancestors and family names Adcock, Andrews, Diss, Flack, Fordham, Gibson, Halls, Onion, Peters, Sheffield, Willings, Wright) and
Florence Kate formerly Pettit (direct ancestors and family names Birch, Bradfield, Brewster, Bye, Challis, Cooke, Crack, Fenn, Fordham, Jolly, Malting, Marshall, South, Woolard).

Anne's father's parents were Arthur Seymour Banks (direct ancestors and family names Banks, Belsham, Brewitt, Hemsley, Mead, Seymour, Smith, White, Woodland, Young) and
Jane Gertrude formerly Wyborn (direct ancestors and family names Branton, Castle, Howis, Pearce, Philpot, Starks, Thompson, Wanstall, Wyborn).

Anne's mother's parents were Walter Edward Neal Turner (direct ancestors and family names Dunford, Guley, Jones, Powell, Toomer, Truemore, Turner) and
Elsie May formerly Ellerbeck (direct ancestors and family names Branfoot, Crossley, Dalton, Dawes, Dickinson, Ellis, Iddison, Kerton, Killingbeck, Nettleton, Thwaites, Walker, Wilson).

David's Johnson ancestors from Codnor Park/Ironville (Derbyshire) and Rotherham (Yorkshire)

David's Baines ancestors from Ironville (Derbyshire)

David's Barlow ancestors from Ironville and Duckmanton (Derbyshire)

David's Elliott ancestors from Ironville and Stavely (Derbyshire)

David’s Fletcher ancestors from Pentrich (Derbyshire)

David's Hawksley ancestors from South Wingfield (Derbyshire)

David's Asbery ancestors from Rotherham and Bramley (Yorkshire)

David's Skelton ancestors from Mattersey (Nottinghamshire) and Wickersley (Yorkshire)

David's Turner ancestors from Barlby (Yorkshire) and Ossington (Nottinghamshire)

David's Vollans ancestors from Church Fenton and Barlby (Yorkshire)

David's Cutter ancestors from Little Abington and Borough Green (Cambridgeshire) and Chrishall (Essex)

David's Diss ancestors from Carlton Green and West Wickham (Cambridgeshire)

David's Flack/Gibson ancestors from Hildersham and Linton (Cambridgeshire)

David's Flack ancestors from Linton (Cambridgeshire)

David's Halls ancestors from Horseheath (Cambridgeshire)

David's Peters ancestors from Linton (Cambridgeshire)

David's Sheffield ancestors from Linton (Cambridgeshire) and Ashdon (Essex)

Davids Willings ancestors from Horseheath (Cambridgeshire)

David's Pettit ancestors from Newmarket, Hargrave and Wickhambrook (Suffolk)

David's Birch ancestors from Barrow (Suffolk)

David's Challis ancestors from Depden and Ousden (Suffolk)

David’s Crack ancestors from Whepstead (Suffolk)

David’s Jolly ancestors from Barrow and Cowlinge (Suffolk)

David’s Marshall ancestors from Chevington (Suffolk)

Anne's Banks ancestors from Holborn and Shoreditch (London)

Anne's Belsham ancestors from Stapleford Tawney and Chigwell (Essex)

Anne's Brewitt ancestors from Theydon Garnon (Essex) and Bishopsgate (London)

Anne's Seymour ancestors from Willingdon and Framfield (Sussex)

Anne's Woodland ancestors from Esher (Surrey) and Lyminge (Kent)

Anne's Wyborn ancestors from Bromley (Kent), Kingston (Surrey), Eton (Buckinghamshire), Ramsgate and Northbourne (Kent)

Anne's Branton ancestors from Esher (Surrey) and Hoo Green (Suffolk)

Anne's Castle ancestors from Whitfield (Kent)

Anne’s Howis ancestors from Waldershare (Kent) and Coldred (Kent)

Anne’s Philpot ancestors from Whitfield (Kent)

Anne's Turner ancestors from Kensington (London), Bracknell (Berkshire) and Enford/Netheravon (Wiltshire)

Anne's Dunford ancestors from Manningford Bruce (Wiltshire)

Anne's Guley ancestors from Manningford Bruce (Wiltshire)

Anne's Powell ancestors from Manningford Bruce (Wiltshire)

Anne's Searle ancestors from Walton-on-Thames/Hersham (Surrey)

Anne's Toomer ancestors from Enford (Wiltshire)

Anne's Ellerbeck ancestors from Tadcaster, Yorks

Anne's Crossley ancestors from Tadcaster and Leeds (Yorkshire)

Anne's Dickinson ancestors from Bilbrough (Yorkshire)

Anne’s Iddison ancestors from Kirkby Malzeard (Yorkshire)

Anne's Kerton ancestors from Leeds and Kirkby Malzeard (Yorkshire)

Anne’s Killingbeck ancestors from Snaith (Yorkshire)

Anne's Thwaites ancestors from Leeds and Hardraw (Yorkshire) and Casterton (Westmorland)