Direct Ancestors of Florence Kate Pettit


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Florence Kate Pettit

Ernest Albert Pettit

John Pettit

George Pettit

George Pettit



Elizabeth Pettit


Elizabeth Brewster

Ambrose Brewster

Abraham Brewster and Frances South

Mary Bradfield


Mary Bye

John Bye

John Bye

William Bye and Susan



Elizabeth Fenn

Robert Fenn


Susan Woolard

Allonton Woolard and Elizabeth

Eliza Birch

Robert Birch











Hannah Jolly

Jeremiah Jolly

Thomas Jolly




Mary Fordham



Ann Fordham


Annie Challis

George Challis

Robert Challis






Lydia Challis



Elizabeth Challis

Robert Challis and Mary Malting

Sarah Cooke











Sarah Crack












Susan Crack

Thomas Crack

James Crack


Sarah Bowers


Susan Marshall

Richard Marshall

Richard Marshall and Bet Otterway

Susan Albon