The Family of Lydia Challis

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Lydia was baptised at Depden 10 September 1769, the daughter of Elizabeth Challis.

On 25 October 1792 an order was made in favour of the Churchwardens and Overseers of the poor at Depden for the maintenance of the child [Sarah], born 25 September [assumed 1792] at the [house of] Sarah Challice, Depden, against James Nunn of Hawstead.  He was ordered to pay 40s towards the lying in of Lydia and the maintenance of the child and 18d (1s 6d) weekly thereafter.  Lydia was ordered to pay 6d weekly.  Both payments were to be made until the child was no longer chargeable to the parish.

In the 1841 census of Robinson Farm, Depden, Lydia was living with Samuel (an agricultural labourer) and Sarah Sparrow (her daughter) and their family.

In the 1851 census of Depden, Sarah Sparrow, then a widow, was with her children and living with her mother, Lydia Challis, a pauper and unmarried and formerly a laundress.

Lydia was buried at Depden 24 November 1853, aged 82 years.

Lydia's children were:

  1. Sarah, born 25 September 1792 and baptised 7 July 1973 at Depden.
  2. Robert, baptised 6 October 1799 at Depden.
  3. James, baptised 20 June 1813 at Depden.

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