The Family of Robert Challis (1799 – 1880)

Family Chart

Robert was baptised at Depden, 6 October 1799, a son of Lydia Challis.

Robert(X) married Sarah Cooke(X) at Depden 12 November 1817.

In the 1841 census of Little Ousden, Robert Chalice aged 42, an agricultural labourer, was living with Susan (the census record was fairly clear but this seems to be a mistake), aged 45, William aged 17 an agricultural labourer, Francis aged 15, George aged 14, Nathan aged 11 and Eliza aged 9.  All were born in Suffolk.  Little Ousden is a detached part of the parish of Ousden, in Hargrave (inc. Giles/Guiles Farm and Grove Farm).


Sarah was buried at Depden, 24 April 1845, aged 51 years and from Ousden.  This suggests that her family were at Depden.


The 1851 census of Ousden is missing.


In the 1861 census of Cock's Head Inn, Hargrave, Robert was a widower, aged 60, a brewer, born at Depden Green.  His was in the household of his son in law, Robert Wright, who was aged 32, a publican and born at Wickhambrook.  His wife was Eliza (Robert's daughter), aged 29 and born at Ousden.  Robert and Eliza's children were Sarah, aged 7 and born at Ousden, Mary Ann aged 5 born at Depden, Harry aged 4 and Ann aged 18 months, both born at Hargrave.  There were two servants, Joseph Frost aged 15, a brewer, born at Hargrave and Katherine Riches, aged 12 and born at Rattlesden.


In the 1871 census of Little Ousden, Robert, a widower aged 74 and a labourer, was living with his unmarried son, Nathan, a labourer aged 41.  Both were born at Ousden.

Robert Challis died 26 October 1880 at Newmarket and was buried at Ousden, from Little Ousden, 30 October 1880, aged 80.

Robert and Sarah's children were:

  1. Thomas, born about 1818.
  2. James, born 6 January 1820 at Depden and baptised 25 December 1820 at Hargrave.
  3. Anne, born 7 April 1821 at Ousden and baptised 25 December 1822 at Hargrave .
  4. William, born 20 May 1823 at Ousden and baptised 25 July 1824 at Hargrave.
  5. Francis, born 5 May 1825 at Ousden and baptised 14 May 1826 at Hargrave.
  6. George, born 19 April 1827 at Ousden and baptised 9 September 1827 at Hargrave.
  7. Nathan, born 8 January 1830 at Ousden and baptised 30 May 1830 at Hargrave.
  8. Eliza, born 20 April 1832 at Ousden and baptised 25 December 1832 at Hargrave.


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