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Robert Birch was born in Barrow, Suffolk, about 1797, but his various ages indicate the interval 1791 - 1799. His baptism has not yet been found.

In 1817 Robert Birch bachelor and Hannah Jolly spinster, both of Barrow, called their banns on 9, 16 and 23 November at Barrow. No marriage ensued.

On 23 January 1818, a certificate was issued to the parish of Barrow, that the parish of Risby would support the pregnant Hannah Jolly if she became chargeable whilst gaining settlement at Barrow.

In 1819 Hannah Jolly, spinster of Barrow and William Ely, bachelor of Denham had their banns called 26 September, 3 and 10 October. Again no marriage ensued.

In 1821 Robert Butch (sic) bachelor and Hannah Jolly, spinster, both of Barrow had their banns called again at Barrow, 21 and 28 January and 4 February. This time he, Robert Butch (X) married Hannah Jolly (X), 5 February 1821 at Barrow, with consent of parents.

In the 1841 census of Barrow Green, the family was Robert Birch, aged 40-44 an agricultural labourer, Hannah aged 40-44, Jeremiah aged 18, Isaac 9, Jacob 6, Eliza 3 and John Birch 15, an agricultural labourer. All were born in Suffolk.

The 1851 census of Barrow Green, had Robert aged 54, an agricultural labourer, his wife Hannah also 54, Jeremiah aged 28, a licensed hawker, Isac (sic) aged 19, a blacksmith, Jacob aged 17, an agricultural labourer, and Eliza 12, a scholar. All were born in Barrow.

In 1861 the family appeared in the census of a farm at Knowles Green. It is not clear whether this is Knowles Green Farm as George Sparrow and his family appear to have been at "Knowles Green Farm" and Joseph Borley and his family appear to have been at "Small Farm, Knowles Green". Eliza Birch was the head and unmarried, aged 22, a farmer, and Robert, her father, was married, aged 62 and a farm bailiff and both were born in Barrow. With them were four unmarried persons, all agricultural labourers, Emmer Maning 17 born Saxham, William Palmer 18, born Barrow, Alfred Ashman 23 born Depden and John Pettitt 21 born Wickhambrook.

Hannah, as Ann (wife of Robert Birch, farm labourer), died at Barrow, 30 (sic, see below) June 1862. She died, aged 66, of diseased lungs and her death was registered by Elizabeth Jolly (X) of Barrow.

She was buried 6 July 1862 aged 66 at Barrow (east end of the churchyard). Her headstone reads "Sacred to the memory of (blank section) Ann the beloved wife of Robert Birch who died 28th June 1862 in her 66th year Man dieth and wasteth away, yea, man giveth up the ghost and where is he? So man lieth down and riseth not till the heavens be no more. They shall not awake nor be raised out of their sleep." (Job 14:10,12). The stone looked as if the blank section was intended for Robert Birch but was never inscribed.

Robert was buried 27 June 1866 at Barrow, aged 75. He died at Hargrave.

The children of Robert and Hannah were:

  1. Phoebe, baptised 21 February 1818, at Barrow, the daughter of Robert Birch, labourer and Hannah Jolly, both of this parish. This is before the marriage of 1821.
  2. Maria, baptised 7 February 1822 (private) and 10 April 1822 at Barrow, daughter of Robert, labourer and Hannah Birch.
  3. Jeremiah, born 29 June 1823 and baptised 12 July 1823 at Barrow (private), 24 August 1823 (public).
  4. Harriot (1829 1834), baptised 29 March 1829 at Barrow. She was buried 18 October 1834 at Barrow, aged 5 years.
  5. Isaac, baptised 6 May 1832 at Barrow.
  6. Jacob, baptised 30 March 1834 at Barrow.
  7. John (1837 1837), baptised 26 February 1837 at Barrow. He was buried 22 May 1837 at Barrow, aged 6 months.
  8. Eliza, born 12 October 1838 at Barrow, the daughter of Robert (labourer) and Ann formerly Jolly.
  9. Joseph, baptised 11 November 1838 at Barrow. This baptism is very close to the birth of Eliza above, whose baptism is not at Barrow.

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