The Family of Richard Marshall ( - 1826) of Chevington

Family Chart

Richard Marshall was born about 1745 and a son of Richard Marshall and Bet Otterway (see below). There are no Marshall entries in the Chevington registers other than for these parents and their children, except for one baptism of a Marshall from Horningsheath. The origins of Richard and Bet Otterway must lie elsewhere.


He (X) married Susan Albon at Chevington by banns 23 February 1768. They were both single and of Chevington. The witnesses were Gooch Ransom and Joshua Letts (X).


Richard Marshall was buried 9 November 1826 at Chevington. He was aged 81 and described as a son of Richard Marshall and Bet late Otterway.


Susan Marshall was buried 13 January 1831 at Chevington. She was aged 88 and described as the wife of Richard and late Arbourn.


Richard and Susan's children were:

  1. John, baptised 3 April 1768 at Chevington.
  2. Mary, baptised 29 July 1770 at Chevington.
  3. William, baptised 12 September 1773 at Chevington.
  4. Elizabeth, baptised 10 March 1776 at Chevington (Susanna).

5.      George, born about 1779 and buried at Chevington 6 November 1822 aged 43, a son of Richard and Susan, late Arborn. He was not baptised at Chevington.

  1. Susan, baptised 26 October 1783 at Chevington.
  2. James, born 28 November 1787 and baptised 23 December 1787 at Chevington.

8.      Richard (1791 1791), born 17 January 1791 and baptised 30 January 1791 at Chevington. He was buried 22 May 1791 at Chevington, an infant son of Richard and Susan Marshall, late Arborn.

Posted December 2016

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