Jeremiah Jolly (1770 - 1843) of Cowlinge, Wickhambrook and Barrow

According to his age at death, Jeremiah should have been born about 1763. A search of the baptism register of Barrow from 1748 to 1872 indicated that there were no Jolly baptisms before that of Thomas, son of Jeremiah and Mary, of 1794. Jeremiah must have come from elsewhere. The entry of his marriage states that he was of Cowlinge. A possible baptism is that of Jeremiah Jolly who was baptised 4 March 1770 at Cowlinge, the son of Thomas Jolly and Alice.


He (X) married Mary Fordham (X) (the daughter of Ann Fordham), 23 January 1793, at Wickhambrook. Jeremiah was a singleman of the parish of Cowlinge and Mary Fordham was a spinster of Wickhambrook. The marriage was by licence. The witnesses were John Hemsted and Henry Dakeling.


On 4 February 1793 an order was made removing Jeremiah Jolly and Mary his wife from Wickhambrook to Barrow where their place of settlement was judged to be.


Mary was buried 23 March 1836 at Barrow (no age given).


In the census of 1841 Jeremiah was in the Thingoe Union Workhouse, aged 75-80.


Jeremiah was buried 16 March 1843 at Barrow, aged 80 years.


The children of Jeremiah and Mary Jolly appear to be

1.      Thomas, baptised at Barrow, 5 October 1794.

2.      Ann, baptised at Barrow, 9 January 1796. She married Robert Birch.

3.      John, baptised at Barrow, 8 April 1798 (labourer).

4.      Charlotte, baptised at Barrow, 30 November 1800 (labourer).

5.      George, baptised at Barrow, 24 October 1802 (labourer).

6.      James (1804 1827), baptised at Barrow, 3 June 1804. He was buried 4 January 1827 at Barrow.

7.      William, baptised at Barrow, 16 February 1806.

8.      Mary Ann, baptised at Barrow, 29 November 1811.

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