The Family of George Pettit (1775 – 1859) of Wickhambrook

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George was baptised 12 November 1775 at Dalham, the base born son of Elizabeth Pettit.

He married Elizabeth Brewster, 29 October 1799 at Wickhambrook. They were both illiterate and single and of Wickhambrook.  (Elizabeth Brewster was baptised 19 September 1779 at Wickhambrook, a daughter of Ambrose and Mary Brewster.)

Elizabeth was buried 31 May 1833 at Wickhambrook, aged 53 years.

In the 1841 census George, an agricultural labourer, was living at Wickhambrook with his son, George's family.

In the 1851 census of Baxters Green, Wickhambrook, George, a widower, was a pauper, born at Dalham and was living with his son, George's family. He died 24 April 1859 of old age, at Baxters Green, an almsman and farm labourer, aged 85. He was buried 29 April 1859 at Wickhambrook.

George and Elizabeth's children were:

John Pettit (1800 – 1855), born (sic) 21 September 1800 at Wickhambrook and was buried 14 August 1855 in Dalham Churchyard.  He, John Petit, was of Dunstall Green, which is near Ousden.


Mary Ann Pettit (1803 – 1869), baptised 3 April 1803 at Wickhambrook. 

Mary Pettit married Charles Claydon at Wickhambrook, 14 August 1823. 

In 1841, near Ouseden, Wickhambrook, Charles was aged 35 and a farmer.  With him were Mary aged 35, Susan aged 15, Charles aged 14, Eliza aged 13, Jane aged 10, Anna aged 7, Stephen aged 4 and Addelade aged 1.  All were born in the county.

In 1851, at Bansfield End, Wickhambrook, Charles was aged 49 and an agricultural laboure.  His wife, Mary was aged 47 and their children were Addylade aged 11, Edward aged 9 and Alfred aged 6.  All were born in Wickhambrook.

In 1861 at Wickhambrook Road, Lidgate, Charles was aged 57, an agricultural labourer, his wife, Mary was aged 57 and their son Alfred was aged 16, also an agricultural labourer.  All were born in Wickhambrook.

Mary Claydon was buried at Lidgate 30 November 1869 aged 66.

Charles has not been found in the 1871 census.

In 1881, at Newmarket Union Workhouse, Exning, Charles Claydon was a widower and pauper inmate, aged 80 and born at Wickhambrook. 

He was buried at Lidgate from Newmarket Union House 13 April 1883 aged 83.

Mary Ann and Charles children were:

Susan Claydon, baptised 3 November 1823 at Wickhambrook All Saints, a daughter of Charles and Mary Ann Claydon of Wickhambrook, labourer.

Charles Claydon, baptised 20 August 1826 at Wickhambrook All Saints, a son of Charles and Mary Ann Claydon of Wickhambrook, labourer.

Eliza Claydon, baptised 24 May 1829 at Wickhambrook All Saints, a daughter of Charles and Mary Clayden of Wickhambrook, labourer.

Jane Claydon, baptised 25 December 1831 at Wickhambrook All Saints, a daughter of Charles and Mary Clayden of Wickhambrook, labourer.

Anna Claydon, born in March 1834 and baptised 30 November 1834 at Wickhambrook Nonconformist, a daughter of Charles and Mary Claydon.

Stephen Claydon, born 2 December 1836 and baptised 25 June 1837 at Wickhambrook Nonconformist a son of Charles and Mary Claydon.

Adelaide Claydon (c.1840 – 1917), born about 1840.  In 1841 and 1851 she was with her parents.  In 1861, at Street, Stansfield, Adelaide was a visitor, aged 21 and born in Wickhambrook, in the household of James (aged 42 and an agricultural labourer) and Rebeccah (aged 40) Taylor and their unmarried son Joseph aged 18, an agricultural labourer.  All were born in Stansfield.  Adelaide married Joseph in the June quarter 1861 in the Risbridge district.  In 1871 at Stansfield, Joseph Taylor was aged 27, an agricultural labourer and born at Stansfield.  His wife, Adelaide was aged 30 and born at Wickhambrook.  Their children were Alice aged 6 and Ada Jane aged 3, both born at Stansfield.  In 1881 at Stansfield, Joseph was aged 37, an agricultural labourer, and Adelaide 40.  Their children all born in Stansfield were Anna M. aged 9, Alfred J. aged 6 and Edward aged 2.  In 1901 Joseph an agricultural labour was aged 48, Adelaide was aged 50 and Edward was aged 13.  In 1901 at Clare Road, Stansfield, Joseph was a horse keeper on farm aged 59, Adelaide was aged 60 and there was a grandson, Alfred Taylor aged 4 and born at Crouch End, London.  In 1911 at High Street, Stansfield, in 3 rooms, Adelaide was a widow aged 70 a pauper living on an old age pension.  Her death was registered in the June quarter 1917 in the Risbridge district (includes Stansfield) aged 76.

Alice Taylor, born about 1864 at Stansfield.

Ada Jane Taylor, born about 1867 at Stansfield.

Anna M. Taylor, born about 1871 at Stansfield.

Alfred J. Taylor, born about 1874 at Stansfield.

Edward Taylor, born about 1878 at Stansfield.

Edward Claydon, born about 1842.

Alfred Claydon, born about 1844.  He was buried at Lidgate 4 July 1869 aged 24.


Bett Pettit, baptised 17 November 1805 at Wickhambrook.


George Pettit (1808 – 1900), baptised 1 May 1808, at Wickhambrook.  He married Mary Bye at Wickhambrook, 12 April 1839 and died at the Union Workhouse, Kedington, 30 June 1900.


Susan Pettit (1810 – 1832), baptised 2 December 1810, at Wickhambrook.  She may have been buried at Bury St Edmunds 26 June 1832 aged 22.


Eliza Pettit (1815 – 1821), baptised 16 April 1815, at Wickhambrook (George, labourer, and Bett), and possibly buried as Elizabeth, at Wickhambrook aged 6 years, 14 October 1821.


Sally Pettit (1820 – 1880), baptised 24 September 1820, at Wickhambrook (George, labourer, and Bett).  She, as Sarah Pettitt, daughter of George, married Jacob Reeve, son of John, 23 June 1838, at Wickhambrook3.  (This is the only possible marriage for Jacob Reeve in the whole country.)

There are two baptisms for Jacob Reeve, son of John and Mary of Ousden, one at Lidgate 16 June 1814 and one at Ousden 10 July 1814.  Are there one or two families with a child called Jacob?  Note there is a burial of a Jacob Reeve at Ousden aged 30 in 1844 (but should this have been 30 months?  See below.

In 1841 at Bladdock, Wickhambrook, living together were Jacob aged 25 an agricultural labourer, Sally aged 20 and Johnathan aged 2.  All were born in the county.  There were no other Reeves in Wickhambrook.

The 1851 census for Ousden is missing.

In 1861 at private house, Front Street, Ousden, living with Sally aged 41 and born at Wickhambrook, were Jacob aged 46 an agricultural labourer and born at Ousden, John aged 22 and born at Wickhambrook, Susan aged 4 and Jacob aged 9 months, both born at Ousden.

In 1871 living at Ousden near Lower Barn Farm with Jacob aged 55 a farm labourer born at Ousden, were Sarah aged 50 born at Wickhambrook and Jacob aged 11 born at Ousden.

In 1881 Jacob Reeve was living at ‘Cottage’ Ousden, a widower and agricultural labourer, aged 66 and born at Ousden.  With him was his son, Jacob, unmarried, an agricultural labourer aged 21 and born at Ousden. 

Sarah Reeve was buried at Ousden 23 October 1880 aged 62.

Jacob Reeve was buried at Ousden from Newmarket Union House 9 November 1882 aged 68.

Sally/Sarah and Jacob’s children appear to be:

John Reeve, baptised 7 October 1838, at Wickhambrook (Jacob and Sarah, labourer). 

In 1841 he, as Jonathan, was at home with his parents, aged 2.

In 1861 he was at home with his parents aged 22.

In 1881, at ‘New Cottage’, Ousden, there is a John Reeve, an agricultural labourer aged 40 and born at Ousden.  (Is this the same one?)  With him was his wife, Sarah, aged 43 and born at Ousden and John’s step-daughter, Laura Turner, aged 20, a housemaid, born at Denham.  This same couple with the same information was at Ousden in 1891 and 1901 (horse keeper groom).

Eliza Reeve (1840 – 1841), baptised 16 May 1841 at Wickhambrook (Jacob and Sally, labourer).  She was probably buried at Ousden from Wickhambrook 25 May 1841 aged 1.

Jacob Reeve (1842 – 1844?), baptised 14 August 1842 at Wickhambrook (Jacob and Sally, labourer).  There is no burial at Wickhambrook nor Ousden of an infant.  However if the burial of Jacob Reeve at Ousden in April 1844 aged 30 should have been 30 months, then the child would have been born around October 1841 so could refer to this child.

Jacob Reeve, baptised 28 April 1843 (Jacob and Sarah, labourer) at Ousden.  Could this be the same child as the one baptised at Wickhambrook, and if so perhaps he was buried in April 1844?

John Reeve, baptised 25 October 1846 at Ousden (Jacob and Sarah of Lidgate).  The earlier John was still alive in 1861, but was called Jonathan in 1841, so perhaps this gets round the difficulty?

Jacob Reeve (1847 – 1849), baptised 27 July 1847 at Lidgate (Jacob and Sarah, labourer).  He was buried at Ousden from the Union House 11 February 1849 aged 2.

Susan (1857 – 1866), baptised 8 Feb 1857 at Ousden (Jacob and Sarah, labourer).

In 1861 she was at home with her parents aged 4.

She was buried at Ousden 2 March 1866 aged 9.

Jacob Reeve, baptised 8 July 1860 at Ousden (Jacob and Sarah, labourer).  In 1881 he was living with his father.  He, also known as John (!) was still living in 1927 when he requested a certificate of baptism for his old age pension.

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