Direct Ancestors of Sidney Cutter


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Sidney Cutter

William Cutter

William Cutter

Ishmael Cutter

Henry Cutter

Ishmael Cutter

John Cutter and Dorothy

Ann Andrews

John Andrews and Mary Pickram

Mary Onion

Robert Onion


Mary Tyrrell

Robert Tyrrel and Mary Moor

Sarah Wright











Sarah Diss

Thomas Diss

Robert Diss

Robert Diss


Elizabeth Ratcliff


Ann Willings

John Willings

John Willings and Sarah Mason

Mary Quoi


Elizabeth Halls

Edward Halls

Edward Halls


Elizabeth Swan


Ann Freeman

John Freeman

Henry Freeman and Anne Gye

Elizabeth Barker

William Barker and Elizabeth Tabor

Caroline Flack

James Flack or Gibson

John Gibson

William Gibson





Ann Adcock





Elizabeth Flack

Robert Flack

William Flack




Elizabeth Moore





Susan Sheffield

Charles Sheffield











Mary Peters

William Peters





Sarah Fordham