The Family of Ishmael Cutter (1791 1870)

Family Chart

A suitable baptism for Ishmael is at Chrishall, Essex, on 31 July 1791. His parents were Henry Cutter and Mary formerly Onion.

Ishmael married Sarah Wright at Shudy Camps, Cambs, 17 July 1820. In the banns at Hildersham, Ishmael was of Little Abington.

In the 1841 census of Cambridge Road, Little Abington Ishmael was aged 45-49, a shepherd, his wife Sarah was 40-44, William was 20-24, a shepherd, Lydia 10, Ishmael 8 and Harriet 1. All were born in Cambridgeshire.

Sarah died, aged 44, of inflammation after childbirth on 23 September 1843 and was buried at Little Abington, 25 September 1843.

In the 1851 census of Little Abington he was aged 59, a widower and shepherd, whose place of birth was unknown. With him were his children Lydia, aged 19, Ishmael aged 18, a labourer and Harriet, aged 11. All three were born at Little Abington.

In the census of 1861 of Cambridge Road, Little Abington, he was a widower, aged 70, a shepherd of unknown birthplace. With him was his daughter Harriet, unmarried aged 21, a housekeeper, born at Little Abington.

Ishmael died 23 December 1870 of old age, aged 80, at Little Abington. Sophia Keath was the informant. He was buried 29 December 1870 at Little Abington.

Ishmael and Sarah's children were:

  1. William, baptised 27 May 1821 at Little Abington.
  2. Mary Ann, baptised 19 October 1823 at Little Abington.
  3. Sarah (1827 1829), baptised 7 October 1827 at Little Abington and buried 8 March 1829 at Little Abington.
  4. Lydy Sarah, baptised 26 June 1831 at Little Abington.
  5. Ishmael, baptised 7 April 1833 at Little Abington.
  6. Henry (1835 1841), baptised 21 Jun 1835 at Little Abington. He was burnt to death and buried at Little Abington, 1 January 1841, aged 5 (or 6) years.
  7. Harriet, born 22 November 1839, (shepherd), baptised 22 December 1839 at Little Abington.
  8. Eleanor, baptised 27 March 1842 at Little Abington. There is a burial of Ellen Cutter at Little Abington, 22 September 1843, aged 18 months. This is very probably the burial of Eleanor.

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