The Family of Henry Cutter (1755 1828)

Family Chart

I am grateful to Hedley Martin for some of the information on this page.

Henry was baptised 25 May 1755 at Little Abington, a son of Ishmael Cutter and Ann formerly Andrews.

Henry's first wife was Mary Onion and the marriage was 20 March 1774 at Linton. Henry was a bachelor of Little Abington and Mary was a spinster of Linton. The witnesses were William Wright and Francis Saggers.

Mary was buried 25 November 1794 at Chrishall.

Henry married secondly Sarah Seale 20 June 1795 at Little Abington. Sarah Seale was a widow of the parish of Chrishall. That Sarah was a widow of Chrishall lends support to the likelihood that Henry was at Chrishall at some point, which makes it more probable that the Ishmael (son of Henry and Mary) baptised at Chrishall in 1791 is a descendent.

Henry Cutter died on Friday 22 August 1828 at Little Abington. He was in his 80th year (Huntingdon, Bedford and Peterborough Gazette, Saturday 30 August 1828). He was buried at Little Abington on 24 August 1828.

The children of Henry and Mary:

  1. William, baptised 17 Jun 1776 at Hadstock,
  2. John (1778 1779), baptised 9 Aug 1778 at Little Abington and buried 19 Nov 1779 at Little Abington.
  3. Mary, baptised 23 Mar 1781 at Linton.
  4. Sarah, baptised 29 Jul 1784 at Linton.
  5. Susannah, baptised 5 Nov 1785 at Linton. She married Thomas Hayden 25 December 1815 at Thriplow.
  6. Elizabeth, baptised 20 Apr 1788 at Linton.
  7. Rebekah (1790 1827), baptised 10 Jan 1790 at Chrishall. She married Thomas Halls 25 December 1826 at Fulbourn All Saints, Cambs. She was buried 25 October 1827 at Fulbourn All Saints.
  8. Ishmael, baptised 31 Jul 1791 at Chrishall.
  9. Henry, baptised 25 Dec 1792 at Chrishall.
  10. Daughter, buried 24 November 1794 at Chrishall.

The children of Henry and Sarah:

  1. John, buried 16 Aug 1796, infant, at Little Abington.
  2. Thomas, baptised 6 Nov 1796 at Little Abington.
  3. Lydia, baptised 8 Apr 1798 at Little Abington. She married William Brown 13 May1819 at All Saints, Cambridge.

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