The Family of John Andrews (1705 1731/2)

I am grateful to Colin Hatton for the information on this page.

John was baptised 9 December 1705 at Hinxton, a son of Thomas Andrews and Catherine.


John married Mary Pickram (BT, spinster) 24 January 1727/8 at Little Abington. He was a labourer of Babraham.


Mary was buried 15 November 1731 at Babraham.


John was buried 9 February 1731/2 at Babraham.


John and Mary Andrews's children were:

John (1727/8 - 1728)

He was baptised 17 March 1727/8 at Babraham. He was buried 8 September 1728 (presumably at Babraham).


She was baptised 26 September 1729 at Babraham. She married Ishmael Cutter 18 July 1748 at Little Abington.


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Posted November 2016