The Family of William Cutter (1821 – 1905) of Little Abington, Cambs.

Family Chart

William was baptised 27 May 1821 at Little Abington, Cambridgeshire, the son of Ishmael Cutter and Sarah formerly Wright.

In the 1841 census of Cambridge Road, Little Abington, he was aged 20 - 24, a shepherd, living with his parents, Ishmael and Sarah.

William Cutter was married at Little Abington, 21 October 1842. He was aged 22 and was a shepherd. His bride was Sarah Diss, 20, a servant, a daughter of Thomas Diss, a labourer. The witnesses were Sarah Cutter and Henry Lee.

The census of 1851 of Little Abington has William aged 29, a shepherd, with his wife, Sarah, aged 28, born at Horseheath, Cambs., and children Alfred aged 8, Wilfred aged 6, Henry aged 3 and William aged 1. All except Sarah were born at Little Abington.

In 1861, in the census of Little Abington, William, a shepherd, was aged 39, his wife Sarah was aged 38 and born at Horseheath and the children were Wilfred aged 15, an agricultural labourer, Henry W. aged 13, an agricultural labourer, William aged 10 an agricultural labourer, Lucretia aged 9, Sarah A. aged 6, Mary A. aged 5, George I. aged 3 and Agnes aged 1. All except Sarah were born at Little Abington.

In the census of 1871 of Little Abington, he was aged 49, a shepherd, with his wife, Sarah, aged 48, and children Henry W. aged 23, an agricultural labourer, William aged 20, an agricultural labourer, George I. aged 13, an agricultural labourer, Agnes aged 11, Tom aged 8 and Flora aged 6. All the family were born at Little Abington.

In the census of 1881 of Kents Farm, Little Abington, he was aged 59, Sarah, his wife was 58, and his children were Tom aged 18, a shepherd, and Flora, aged 16, a pupil teacher. All were born at Little Abington, except Sarah, who was born at Horseheath.

In the census of 1891, for Church Street, Little Abington, William was aged 69, a shepherd, retired, with his wife, Sarah, aged 68.

Sarah Cutter died at Little Abington on 5 February 1900 of a cerebral haemorrhage (spontaneous). She was aged 77 and the wife of William Cutter, a shepherd. The death was registered by Flora Overall, daughter, of Abington House, Russell Road. Walthamstow, London.  Sarah was buried 8 February 1900 at Little Abington.

In 1901 William Cutter, aged 79, born Little Abington Cambs., a shepherd, was living at 16 Peel Grove, parish of Kirkmanshulme St Cyprian, North Manchester, with his daughter and son in law, Agnes and James King.

William Cutter died on 29 September 1905 at 16 Peel Grove, Newton Detached, North Manchester. He was aged 84, formerly a shepherd and died of senile decay and coma. J. King, his son-in-law, of the same address, was the informant.  He was buried 3 October 1905 at Little Abington.

William and Sarah’s children were:

  1. Alfred William, baptised 27 August 1843 at Little Abington.
  2. Wilfred, baptised 26 October 1845 at Little Abington.
  3. Henry Walter, baptised 5 March 1848 at Little Abington.
  4. William, born 15 April 1850 and baptised 26 May 1850 at Little Abington.
  5. Lucretia Celia, baptised 9 May 1852 at Little Abington.
  6. Sarah Anne, baptised 30 July 1854 at Little Abington.
  7. Mary Ann, baptised 13 July 1856 at Little Abington.
  8. George Ishmael, born 1 February 1858 at Newbarn, Little Abington.
  9. Agnes, baptised 6 April 1860 at Little Abington.
  10. Tom, baptised 20 July 1862 at Little Abington.
  11. Flora, baptised 23 April 1865 at Little Abington.

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