The Family of Sarah Anne Salmon formerly Cutter (1854 – 1948)

Sarah Anne Cutter was baptised 30 July 1854 at Little Abington, a daughter of William Cutter and Sarah formerly Diss.

In 1861 she was at home.


In 1871, at High Street, Linton, she (Sarah) was a general servant aged 16 and born at Little Abington, in the household of William Richardson an attorney's clerk, aged 41, and his family.


In 1881 Sarah Ann Cutter was found aged 26 and born at Little Abington as a cook in the household of J.T. Collier, at Wendens Ambro, Essex, a solicitor aged 71.


She married George Salmon 4 November 1884 at Great Abington.


In 1891, at Keepers House, Stapleford, Cambs., George Salmon was aged 36, an employed gamekeeper, born at Linton.  Sarah, his wife, was aged 35 and born at Abington.  Their daughter, Edith B. was aged 5 and born at Stapleford.


A search of the 1901 census for ‘Sarah, born 1854 ± 3years at Abington’ gave Sarah Salmon aged 45 born at Abington living at Stapleford, Cambs.  Searching again under ‘Salmon at Stapleford’ suggested that her husband was George Salmon, aged 46, a game keeper, born at Linton and that their children were Edith aged 15, a scullery maid, born at Cambridge, George 9, born at Stapleford and Ethel 7, born at Stapleford.  George may be a relative of Abigail Salmon, who married Alfred William Cutter.


In 1911 at Gog Magog Hills, near Cambridge, Sarah was aged 54, born at Abington and had been married for 26 years and had had 3 children none of whom had died.  George was aged 55 and a gamekeeper on estate and born at Linton and their single children were Frederick aged 19, a stable lad and Ethel aged 17, both of whom were born at Stapleford.


George died 24 March 1935 and was buried at Stapleford.  He was gamekeeper to the Duke of Leeds.


Sarah Ann Salmon, widow, died 6 September 1948 (registered in the Cambridge district in the September quarter 1948, aged 94).  Probate was granted 5 November 1948 at Peterborough to Frederick George Salmon, gamekeeper.  Her effects were £607.12s.5d and she was of Gog Magog Hills, Stapleford, Cambs. She is buried at buried at Stapleford.


Sarah Anne and George’s children were:

Edith Blanche Salmon, baptised 25 October 1885 at Little Abington.

Frederick George Salmon, born 25 January 1892 at Stapleford.  He married Gladys Mary Jant in 1933.

Ethel Elizabeth Salmon, born c. 1893/4 at Stapleford and baptised 6 August 1905 at Stapleford.  She married Thomas Frederick Bradford 27 April 1922 at Stapleford.  Thomas was a bootmaker.  Thomas died 23 July 1925 and was buried at Stapleford.  Ethel married secondly William Henry George Pipe 14 June 1930 at Stapleford.  He was a bricklayer.

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