The Family of Alfred William Cutter (1843 – 1911)

He was baptised 27 August 1843, at Little Abington, a son of William Cutter and Sarah formerly Diss.

In 1851 he was at home.

In 1861, at Bancroft Farm, Little Abington, Alfred was aged 17, single and a shepherd, a servant in the household of William Ellis, a farmer, aged 76 and born at Little Abington.


He married Abigail Salmon, 2 April 1867 at Little Abington.  Abigail was born 29 September 1843 at Linton and baptised 24 December 1843 at Linton, a daughter of Edward and Sarah Salmon.


In 1871, at Cambridge Road, Little Abington, Alfred was aged 27, a beer seller and labourer, born at Little Abington.  His wife, Abigail, was aged 27 and born at Linton.  Their children were Alice aged 2 and Elizabeth aged 1 month, both born at Little Abington.  There was also a visitor, Sarah E. Salmon, aged 19 and born at Linton and an unmarried lodger, Charles Adams, aged 60, an agricultural labourer and born at Little Abington.

In the census of Little Abington in 1881 he is aged 37 and a marine store dealer (gen). His wife, Abigail was aged 37 and born at Linton. Their children were Alice, aged 12, Albert aged 7 and Abigail aged 3, all born at Little Abington.

In 1891, at Little Abington, 3 houses from the Bricklayer's Arms, in 4 rooms, Alfred was aged 47, an employed sexton and stockman and born at Little Abington.  His wife, Abigail, was aged 47 and born at Linton.  Their children were Alice, aged 20, an assistant schoolmistress, Albert aged 17, a gardener and Abigail aged 13, all born in Little Abington.

In the 1901 census of Little Abington was Alfred Cutter, aged 57, sexton and general labourer. His wife, Abigail, was aged 57.

In 1911 at Milestone Cottage, Little Abington, in 5 rooms, Alfred William was aged 67 and sexton, born in Little Abington and was with Abigail aged 67, born in Linton and totally deaf.  They had been married for 44 years and had had four children of whom one had died.  Also with them was their single daughter, Abigail aged 31 and born in Little Abington.


He died 22 September 1911 and was buried 26 September 1911 at Little Abington.  He was a beerseller, labourer/sexton (31 years).


Abigail died 2 June 1919 and was buried 5 June 1919 at Little Abington.

Alfred and Abigail's children were:

Alice Cutter, born 1868 at Little Abington and baptised 8 November 1868 at Great Abington.  She married Percy George Snoad (born about 1864 at Great Yarmouth) 28 July 1896 at Little Abington.  He was a grocer.  Their children were

Albert William Snoad, born about 1897 at Islington and baptised 10 April 1898 at Little Abington.

Leslie Stuart Snoad, born about 1901 at Islington and baptised 12 May 1901 at Little Abington.

Gordon Alfred Snoad, born 30 January 1910 and baptised 3 April 1910 at Little Abington.

Elizabeth Cutter (1871 - 1873), born 1871 and baptised 26 March 1871 at Little Abington.  She was buried 25 January 1873 at Little Abington.

Albert Cutter, born 1873 and baptised 28 December 1874, at Little Abington.  He married Anne Elizabeth Judson (born about 1869, Newton, Yorkshire) in the Tadcaster district in 1900.  In 1911, in 5 rooms at Ulleskelf, Yorks, John Judson was aged 80 a widower and retired farmer, born in Gilling, Yorks.   With him was his daughter, Ann Elizabeth Cutter, 43 and born at Newton-on-Ouse, Yorks.  She was married to Albert Cutter, son-in-law aged 43, a nurseryman foreman and born at Abington, Cambs.  They had been married 10 years and had had one child.  With them also was their son James Edward Cutter, aged 10 and born at Ulleskelf, Yorks.  Their son was

James Edward Cutter, born 1901 at Ulleskeff, West Riding of Yorkshire.

Abigail Cutter, born 1877 at Little Abington and baptised 24 June 1877 at Little Abington.  She married Charles Henry Cooper (born 1891) 9 September 1913 at Little Abington.  He was a decorator.  No children appear to be registered.  A possible death entry for Abigail is in the Linton district in the March quarter 1929, aged 49.


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