The Family of William Cutter (1850 1907) of Little Abington, Cambs.

Family Chart

04 Cutter William (b 1850) Photo.jpgWilliam Cutter was born on 15 April 1850, at Little Abington, Cambs, a son of William Cutter, a shepherd, and Sarah (formerly Diss). He was baptised 26 May 1850 at Little Abington.

He appears in the census of 1851 with the family, in Little Abington, aged 1.

In the census of 1861, in Little Abington with his family, he was aged 10, an agricultural labourer.

In the 1871 census of Little Abington he was aged 20, still living at home and an agricultural labourer.

He married Caroline Flack on 21 February 1874 at Little Abington. William was a labourer and his father, William, a shepherd. Both were of full age and of Little Abington. Caroline Flack was a daughter of James Flack, a labourer. The witnesses were Alfred William Cutter (brother) and Lucretia Cutter (sister).

The family moved to Pampisford from Little Abington, about 1878 and moved back again about 1890.

In the census of 1881 William was at Pampisford. He was aged 30 and a shepherd, with his wife Caroline aged 29, born at Linton. With them were their children Bertha Emily aged 6, William aged 4 and Mildred Maud aged 3, all born at Little Abington, and Leonard aged 1 and Caroline aged 7 months, both born at Pampisford.

In the census of 1891 of Cambridge Road, Little Abington, William was aged 40, a shepherd, with Caroline, his wife, aged 39 and children William 14, an agricultural labourer, Mildred M. aged 13, Leonard, 11, Caroline 10, Ethel M. 8 and Annie 2.

In the census of 1901 he was living in Little Abington aged 50 and a shepherd. His wife, Caroline, was 49. Leonard was 21, a milkman seller, Anne was 13, a general servant domestic and Sidney was aged 8.

William's death was at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, on 17 January 1907. He was aged 56, a farm labourer of Little Abington and died of thrombosis of the portal vein, intestinal haemorrhage for 3 hours and syncope. A post mortem was held to determine the cause of death.

In 1911 she was living in 5 rooms at Little Abington. She was aged 59 and a widow, born at Linton, Cambs. She had had 9 children of whom 1 had died [George]. With her was her son, Sidney, a milkman aged 18 and born at Little Abington.

In her widowhood, Caroline lived with her daughter, Maud, and Sam Clarke at Hildersham. She suffered from arthritis and could only walk with the aid of a chair, which she used like a 'zimmer' frame. Caroline died 21 November 1935 at 1 Council Cottages, Hildersham, of myocardial degeneration. She was aged 84 and the widow of William Cutter, a shepherd.

William and Caroline's children were:

  1. Bertha Emily, baptised 6 August 1874 at Little Abington.
  2. William, baptised 30 July 1876 at Little Abington.
  3. Mildred Maud, baptised 12 December 1877 at Little Abington.
  4. Leonard, born 1879, at Pampisford and baptised 6 July 1879 at Pampisford.
  5. Caroline, born 5 August 1880 at Pampisford.
  6. Ethel May, born 15 January 1883 and baptised 15 April 1883 at Pampisford.
  7. George, born 9 June 1885, baptised 2 August 1885 and died 4 February 1888 at Pampisford, at home, of diphtheria and laryngitis, aged 2 years.
  8. Annie, born 1889 at Pampisford, and baptised3 April 1889 at Pampisford.
  9. Sidney, born 24 April 1892 and baptised 29 May 1892 at Little Abington.


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