The Family of Caroline Odell formerly Cutter (1880 1958)

I am grateful to Anne Dutton for almost all of the information on Caroline and Alfred and their descendants.

Caroline Cutter was born on 5 August 1880 at Pampisford to William Cutter, a shepherd, and Caroline formerly Flack.

In 1881 and 1891 she was living at home.

She married Alfred Odell (born 5 July 1875 in Cambridge), a carman, (born 5 July 1875 in Cambridge), of Paddington Green, a son of Alfred Odell (a dealer), at Little Abington on 14 August 1899.

In the 1901 census of 5, Hermitage Street, Paddington, was Caroline Odell, aged 21, with her husband, Alfred, aged 25, a general carman, born at Cambridge. With them was their daughter Daisy, aged 1 month, born in Paddington.

In 1911 in 3 rooms at 3 Adpon (?) Chambers, Edgeware Road, in Paddington were Caroline aged 30 born in Pampisford, Alfred aged 35 and born at Cambridge, a carman (S Contractor). They had been married for 11 years and had had six children of whom two had died. Their living children were Caroline aged 9, Ethel May aged 7, Alfred aged 3 and Winefred Maud aged 1. There was also a visitor Annie Cutter, aged 23, a cook to the La Rivalo family and born in Pampisford. Also listed but erased were Daisy aged 10 and Alfred aged 4. All the children were born in Paddington.

The family emigrated to Canada in the spring of 1912. Alfred had tickets for the Titanic but sold them as he didn't want to dock in New York. They were on the ocean when the Titanic went down. They docked in Portland, Maine, USA and took a train to Toronto. They lived first at Teston, then Strange, both near King City and, in 1916, bought the house, barn and 1 acre of land at Laskey Corners about 1 miles from King City, just north of Toronto. Then, in 1935, they farmed at Priceville. Caroline worked hard all her life raising their children and periodically working outside the home as a cleaning lady.

Caroline died 12 August 1958 in Priceville, Ontario, Canada. Alfred died 27 January 1966 in the same place.

Caroline and Alfred's children were:

  1. Daisy (1910 1910), born 14 August 1900 in London, England and died 19 May 1910 in Cambridge
  2. Caroline Susan (1902 1996), born 28 January 1902 in London. She married, 6 November 1926, in King City, Ont., Francis John Hornsby (born 28 June 1897 in Northampton and died 10 January 1982 in Brampton, Ontario). They lived in Cooksville. She died 20 October 1996 in Bramalea, Ont.
  3. Ethel May (1904 1995), born 20 April 1904 in London, England. She married, 8 January 1930, in Downsview, Ont., Edwin Henry Tromanhauser (born 23 October 1904 in Minneapolis, Minnisota and died 20 July 1945 in Lebbretteville, Caen, France). She died 27 January 1995 in Chatham, Ont.
  4. Alfred (1906 1906), born 1906 in London, England and died 6 November 1906 in London
  5. Alfred (1907 1985), born 16 August 1907 in London, England and died 11 October 1967 in Priceville, Ontario. He married, 25 June 1936 in King City, Ont., Marguerite Anna Dew (born 7 June 1908 in York County and died 7 September 1985 in Priceville).
  6. Winnifred Maude (1910 1950), born 28 March 1910 in London, England and died 21 June 1950 in Concord, Ontario. She married, 15 October 1932 in King City, Ont., Stanley Luther Keffer (born 2 July 1907 and died 9 July 1970 in North Bay, Ontario).
  7. Albert Strange (1913 1997), born 17 June 1913 in York County, Ontario and died 12 May 1990 in Durham, Ontario. He married, 2 March 1940 in Priceville, Mary Elizabeth Mather (born 23 October 1916 in Grey County, Ontario and died 19 July 1997 in Durham, Ont).
  8. Ronald Kitchener (1916 2002), born 21 April 1916 in Strange, Ontario. He married, 8 November 1941 in Richmond Hill, Ont., Margaret McPherson (born October 1920) and died 10 June 2002 at Brampton, Ont.
  9. Doris Evelyn (1918 2009), born 11 December 1918 in King City, Ontario. She married, 24 April 1942, Toronto, John George Higginson (born 8 May 1908 in Oshawa, Ontario and died 6 October 1984 in Etobicoke, Ontario). Doris died 30 May 2009 in Toronto and was buried at Priceville, where her parents and three brothers are already buried (as at December 2009). The remains of John Higginson were also removed to Priceville.
  10. One further child, still living.


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Posted November 2016