The Family of Thomas Diss (1786 1848) of West Wickham, Horseheath and Carlton Green.

I am very grateful to Andy Diss for most of the information on this page.

Thomas was baptised 11 June 1786, a son of Robert Diss and Ann formerly Willings at West Wickham.

Thomas was married first to Francis Brown at West Wickham, 29 December 1809 (both of the parish). Two children (presumably twins) were born to Thomas and Francis and both were buried on the same day.

It is possible that Thomas was also previously married to another Elizabeth, for there is a baptism of Susannah, 1812 at Horseheath (no day or month).

He married Elizabeth Halls, 1 March 1816 at Horseheath, Cambs. He was a widower of the parish, and she was a spinster.

Thomas and Elizabeth and their family appear to have moved from Horseheath to Carlton Green between July 1834 and December 1834.

Carlton Green is an ancient settlement about 1 mile south of Carlton Village and around the year 2000 had about 9 families living there. The Green was 17 acres in extent and originally bounded by three roads. The road on the long side, which originally went on to Cocksedge Farm has disappeared together with the houses that originally stood along it. The Green has now been absorbed into the pattern of fields as part of the countryside. Apparently from a tractor, house platforms can be seen in places along the line of the old road.

In 1841, at Carlton Green, Carlton cum Willingham, Thomas was aged 50-54, an agricultural labourer. With him were Elizabeth aged 45-49, Marianne aged 12 and George aged 9. In the same house there was also Mary Halls, aged 50 with female servants Sarah Diss aged 15 and Hannah Diss also aged 15. All were born in Cambridgeshire.

Thomas died 17 April 1848 at Carlton cum Willingham. He was an agricultural labourer aged 61 and died of phthisis (4 years) and influenza (6 weeks). Elizabeth Diss was the informant. (Phthisis is a wasting disease, very often the result of pulmonary tuberulosis.)

He was buried at Carlton, 22 April 1848 aged 63.

In 1851, at Carlton Green, Carlton cum Willingham, Elizabeth was a widow, aged 57, receiving parish relief, and born at Horseheath. With her were her unmarried children Mary A aged 21 and George aged 19, an agricultural labourer, both born at Horseheath. There was also a grandson, William, aged 4 months, and born at Carlton.

In 1861, at Carlton Green, Elizabeth was a widow, aged 67, receiving parish relief, and born at Horseheath. With her were her unmarried grandchildren Emma Lane aged 18 and Alfred Lane aged 14, both agricultural labourers, and Rosetta Lane aged 9, all born at Carlton.

Elizabeth died aged 74 in 1867 and was buried at Carlton, 17 January 1867 (of Carlton Green), age left blank.

Thomas's children

by Francis (Brown) were:

  1. Thomas, born April 1810 and buried 3 May 1810 at West Wickham.
  2. John, born April 1810 and buried 3 May 1810 at West Wickham.

by Elizabeth (Halls) were:

  1. Susannah, born June 1816 and baptised 4 August 1816 at Horseheath.
  2. John, baptised 25 December 1818 at Horseheath.
  3. William, baptised 21 Jan 1821 at Horseheath.
  4. Sarah, baptised 22 December 1822 at Horseheath.
  5. Hannah, baptised 29 May 1825 at Horseheath.
  6. William, baptised 27 January 1828 at Horseheath.
  7. Marianne, baptised 17 September 1829 at Horseheath.
  8. George, baptised 6 May 1832 at Horseheath.
  9. Maria, baptised 17 July 1834 at Horseheath.


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