The Family of Susannah Lane formerly Diss (1816 1854)

I am very grateful to Andy Diss for most of the information on this page.

Susannah Diss was born June 1816 and baptised 4 August 1816 at Horseheath, a daughter of Thomas Diss and Elizabeth formerly Halls.

She had a daughter, Jane, by William, who was of the parish of Abington (could this have been William Cutter?), who was baptised 6 May 1838 at Carlton (singlewoman, of Carlton).


She married John Lane 24 October 1840 at Carlton, after banns. They were both of full age. John was a labourer of Carleton Green (father's name blank) and Susan was a spinster of Carleton Green, a daughter of Thomas Diss, a labourer. The witnesses were Henry Crosby and Fuller Mansfield.


In the census of 1841, of Carlton Green, next door but 2 to Thomas and Elizabeth, John Lane was aged 25, an agricultural labourer, Susan Lane was aged 25 and there was also Jane Lane aged 3 and Hannah Lane aged 60.


In the census of 1851, at Carlton Green, next to Elizabeth Diss, widow and on the other side to Mary Halls, John was aged 39, an agricultural labourer, born at Carlton. Susan was aged 35, a school mistress born at Horseheath, and their children were Jane Diss, John's daughter in law, aged 12, born at Carlton, Emma Lane aged 7 and born at Horseheath, Henry Lane aged 6 and Alfred Lane aged 3, both born at Carlton.


At Carlton (of Carlton Green) there are burials of John Lacie (29 March 1854, aged 43) and Susan Lacie (5 March 1854 aged 36) - transcriptions, Carlton web site. There are no other occurrences of the name in the transcribed censuses and registers. John and Susan Lane disappear from Carlton after the census of 1851, and the children are with grandmother Elizabeth Diss in 1861. In the Free BMD site is the death of John Lane in the March quarter of 1854 in the Linton district. Furthermore in the Camdex index are the deaths of John Lane aged 46 (331/BAL/3/343) and Susan Lane aged 36 (331/BAL/3/335) in 1854 and the order of these Lane deaths is the same as the order of the Lacie burials. These are very probably transcription errors of Lacie for Lane.


Susan's child was

Jane Diss, baptised 6 May 1838 at Carlton (singlewoman, of Carlton, by William, who was of the parish of Abington - could this have been William Cutter?).

Susan and John's children were

Emma Lane (1841 - 1841), baptised 27 March 1841 at Carlton (John and Susanna, of Carlton Green, labourer). She was buried 1 April 1841 at Carlton (of Carlton Green) aged 3 weeks.

Emma Lane, baptised 2 July 1843 at Carlton (John and Susan, of Carlton Green, labourer).

Emma married James Gooden, 15 April 1865 at Carlton. Emma was aged 22, a spinster of Carlton Green, a daughter of John Lane, labourer. James was aged 20, a bachelor and labourer of Carlton Green, a son of Samuel Gooden, a shepherd. The witnesses were Henry Lane and Harriet Pearson.

In 1871 at Thurlow Road, Carlton, Emma Gooden was married, aged 27 a labourer's wife, born at Carlton. With her were her children Jesse aged 8, Richard aged 5, Sarah aged 4 and Frederick aged 1, all born at Carlton. James Gooden, married, was found at Lopham's Hall, a farm servant, aged 26, born at Hundon (or Hunston?), Suffolk.

In 1881 at Fox End, Balsham, James Gooden was aged 35, a shepherd, born at Hondon, Essex. Emma was aged 36 and born at Carlton. Their children were Richard aged 15, an agricultural labourer, Frederic aged 10, Elizabeth aged 8, Celia aged 5 and Rosa aged 3, all born at Carlton, and Harry aged 1, born at Balsham.

Emma's child was

Jessie Lane, baptised 7 April 1863 at Carlton (of Carlton Green, singlewoman). In 1881 she was at Church Road, Carlton with her grandfather, James Gooden, aged 83.

Emma and James children were

Richard Gooden, baptised 9 June 1865 at Carlton, (privately, received 19 August, of Carleton Green, labourer).

Sarah Gooden, baptised 2 December 1866 at Carlton (of Carleton Green, labourer).

Frederick Gooden, baptised 8 May 1870 at Carlton (of Carleton Green, labourer).

Elizabeth Anne Gooden, baptised 11 August 1872 at Carlton (of Carleton Green, shepherd).

Celia Gooden, baptised 10 June 1877 at Carlton (of Carleton Green, shepherd).

Rosa Gooden, born about 1877 at Carlton (baptism appears to be missing).

Harry Gooden, born about 1879 at Balsham.

Henry Lane, baptised 7 September 1845 at Carlton (John and Susan, of Carlton Green, labourer).

In 1881, at Blacksmith Road, Little Thurlow, Suffolk, Henry was aged 34, a coachman born at Carlton. His wife, Ellen, was aged 35 and born at Denston, Suffolk. Their children were Sarah aged 5, Harry aged 3 and William aged 1, all born at Little Thurlow.

Henry and Ellen's children were

Sarah Lane, born about 1875, at Little Thurlow.

Harry Lane, born about 1877 at Little Thurlow.

William Lane, born about 1879 at Little Thurlow.

Alfred Charles Lane, baptised 22 August 1847 at Carlton (John and Susan, of Carlton Green, labourer).

In 1871, at Thurlow Road, Carlton, (next to Emma Gooden), Alfred Lane was living alone (head), unmarried, aged 23, an agricultural labourer, born at Carlton.

In 1901 he appears to be a boarder in a cottage at The Street, Carlton, aged 56, a labourer on farm, born at Carlton (in the household of Louisa Carter, a widow and pauper, aged 63).

Rosetta Lane, baptised 20 September 1851 at Carlton (John and Susan, of Carlton Green, labourer)11. She married Walter Basham.

In 1881, at Chauntry Lane, Haverhill, Suffolk, Walter Basham was aged 30, a beamer at cotton factory, born at Haverhill. His wife, Rosetta, was aged 29, a sewing machinist trouser hand (tailor), born at Carlton. Their children were Henry William aged 8, Kate aged 7, Alice aged 5, Rosetta Jane aged 2 and Walter aged 2 months. All were born at Haverhill.

Rosetta and Walter's children were

Henry William Basham, born about 1872 at Haverhill.

Kate Basham, born about 1873 at Haverhill.

Alice Basham, born about 1875 at Haverhill.

Rosetta Jane Basham, born about 1878 at Haverhill.

Walter Basham, born about January 1881 at Haverhill.

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