The Family of Hannah Cook formerly Diss (1825 – 1910)

I am very grateful to Andy Diss for most of the information on this page.

Hannah Diss was baptised 29 May 1825 (or 25 April 1825) at Horseheath, a daughter of Thomas Diss and Elizabeth formerly Halls.

In 1841 she was a female servant, aged 15 and born in Cambridgeshire, in the household of Mary Halls, next to Hannah's parents.


Hannah married Charles Cook 25 December 1843, at Carlton, after banns.  Hannah was a minor, a spinster of Carlton and a daughter of Thomas Diss, a labourer.  Charles Cook was of full age, a bachelor and labourer of Carlton, a son of Joseph Cook, a labourer.  The witnesses were Mary Ann Diss and John Diss.


In the 1851 census of Carlton, Charles was aged 22 (?) an agricultural labourer born at Carlton.  His wife, Hannah was aged 26 and born at Horseheath, and their children were Hannah aged 6 and Ellen aged 2, both born at Carlton.


In 1861, at Stocks Green, Charles was aged 37, an agricultural labourer born at Carlton.  Hannah his wife was aged 36 and born at Horseheath.  Their children were Ellen aged 12, George aged 9, Susan aged 5 and Emily aged 1, all born at Carlton.


In 1871, at Willingham Green, Charles was 47, an agricultural labourer born at Carlton.  His wife, Hannah was aged 46 and born at Horseheath.  Their children were George, single and aged 18, an agricultural labourer, Emily aged 11, an agricultural labourer, Sarah aged 7 an agricultural labourer, Charles aged 4 and Fanny aged 2.  All were born at Carlton,


In 1881 she was living at Willingham Green, Carlton, Cambs.  She was aged 56 and born at Horse Heath.  Her husband, Charles was aged 58, an agricultural labourer and born at Carleton (sic).  With them were their children Charles, aged 14 an agricultural labourer and Fanny aged 12, both born at Carleton (sic).


In 1891, at Brinkley Road, Carlton, Charles was aged 72, an agricultural labourer, born at Carlton, Hannah was aged 69 and born at Horseheath.  Charles, their son, was aged 24, a warehouse driver (grocers), born at Carlton and also with them was their grandson, Charles Parr, aged 14, a scullion born at Carlton.


In 1901, at Rainers Lane (cottage), Carlton cum Willingham, Hannah was aged 81 and born at Horse Heath, and Charles was aged 82, a pauper, formerly an agricultural labourer on farm and born at Carlton and their son, Charles, was aged 34, a farmer (own account), born at Carlton.


Charles Cook was buried 7 June 1905 at Carlton, aged 86.


Hannah Cook was buried 7 January 1910 at Carlton, aged 89.


Hannah and Charles’s children were:

Hannah Cook (1844 - 1882), baptised 8 September 1844 (of Carlton, labourer).

Hannah married John Parr 3 June 1865, at Carlton.  John was aged 26, a bachelor and labourer of Carleton, a son of Philip Parr, a labourer.  Hannah was aged 21, a spinster of Carleton, a daughter of Charles Cook, a labourer.  The witnesses were David Parr and Ellen Cook.

In 1871, at Brinkley Road, Carlton, Hannah was aged 27 and born at Carlton.  Her husband John was aged 32, an agricultural labourer, born at Exning.  Their children were Louisa aged 5, Julia aged 4 and Frank aged 2 months, all born at Carlton.

John Parr was buried 9 August 1878 at Carlton, aged 40 (of Carleton).

In 1881, at Brinkley Road Carlton, Hannah was a widow aged 39 and born at Carlton.  Her children were Frank aged 10, Alice aged 7 and Charles aged 4, all born at Carlton.

Hannah Parr was buried 17 October 1882 at Carlton aged 41 (of Carleton).

Hannah's child seems to be

Louisa Hannah Cook, baptised 1 October 1865 at Carlton (daughter of Hannah Cook, of Carleton, singlewoman).  As Louisa Parr, she appears in the household of her aunt, Ellen Ford, at 79 Blat Road, Hove, Sussex, aged 15 and born at Carleton.  She was baptised after the marriage of Hannah and John, but could have been born before.  John Parr probably is not her father.

Hannah and John Parr's children were:

Julia Parr, baptised 8 September 1867 at Carlton (of Carleton, labourer).

Alice Parr (1869 - 1870), baptised 21 February 1869 at Carlton (of Carleton, labourer).  She was buried 16 September 1870 at Carlton, aged 22 months.

Frank Parr, baptised 14 May 1871 at Carlton (of Carleton, labourer).

Alice Parr, baptised 11 October 1873 at Carlton (of Carleton, labourer).

Charles Parr, born about 1876 at Carlton.

Ellen, baptised 3 June 1849 (of Carlton, labourer).  She married Richard Ford.  In 1881 at 79 Blat Road, Hove, Sussex, she was aged 30 and born at Carleton.  Richard her husband was aged 29, a gardener domestic, born at Wallington, Wiltshire.  Ellen's niece Louisa Parr aged 15 and born at Carlton was with them and also Thomas Patchton, (a boarder?) married, aged 37, a marble mason, born in England.

George Charles, baptised 18 April 1852 (of Carlton, labourer).

Elizabeth (1853 - 1853), baptised 1 September 1853 (of Carlton, labourer) and was buried 14 September 1853 aged 3 months.

Susan, baptised 25 December 1855 at Carlton (Charles and Hannah Cooke, of Carlton, labourer).  In 1881, at The Lawn, Dyke Road, Hove, Sussex, she was aged 24, a domestic servant, born at Carlton, in the household of Samuel, W. Smith (retired iron and coal master).

Emily, born about 1859 at Carlton.

Sarah, born about 1863 at Carlton.

Charles, born about 1866/7 at Carlton.

Fanny, born about 1868/9 at Carlton

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