The Family of James Flack or Gibson (1815 – 1898)

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James Flack was born 26 August 1815 and, as James Gibson, was baptised 16 May 1817 at Linton as a son of John Gibson, a butcher of Linton, and Elizabeth his wife. John Gibson and Elizabeth Flack were themselves married on 16 May 1817 at Linton, and this accounts for the subsequent confusion of names as James was unsure whether he was Flack or Gibson in later life. He was married as James 'Flack or Gibson'. The vicar of Linton both baptised James and married him and the fact that James' father's name is missing from the marriage certificate could suggest either that John is not his father or acknowledges that although John was his father James was still born before the marriage. It may also indicate that John Gibson had died before the marriage. The baptism of Ann, born 28 February and baptised 18 July 1812 at Linton as the illegitimate daughter of Elizabeth Flack by John Gibson suggests that John Gibson really is the father of James.

James (Flack or Gibson) married Susan Sheffield at Linton parish church, on 29 July 1843. They were both of full age. James was a labourer of Linton, father not stated, and Susan was of Linton, a daughter of Charles Sheffield, a jobber. The witnesses were James Linsdell (X) and James Glasscock.

In 1851, at Balsham Road, Linton, was living James Flack aged 33, a farm labourer, born at Linton, his wife, Susan, aged 27 and born at Ashdon, Essex, with children William (6), Emma (3) and George (1).

In 1861, at Chilford Cottage, Linton, James Gibson was aged 44, a groom. His wife Susan was aged 37 and their children were William, aged 16, George, aged 11, Caroline, aged 9, Bennet, aged 7, Susannah, aged 5, Alfred, aged 4 and Selina, aged 2, all born at Linton.

In 1871, at Bartlow Road, Linton, James Gibson was aged 54, an agricultural labourer. His wife, Susan was aged 47. Their children were Bennet, aged 17, Susannah, aged 15, Alfred, aged 14, Selina, aged 12, Helena, aged 9 and Laura, aged 7, all born at Linton.

In 1881 James Flack was living at 11 Village Street, Hildersham, aged 65, an agricultural labourer. His wife, Susan, was aged 57. Their children were Susannah, (25), Alfred (23) and Selina Bowd (as Bond, married, aged 22). Also present were two grandsons: Bernard Bowd (as Bond) (2 years, born at Hildersham) and Percy Peter Bowd (as Bond Carter (10 months, Hildersham).

In 1891, at Hildersham, James Gibson was aged 76, a general labourer. His wife, Susan, was aged 67. There were also grandchildren, Bernard Boud, aged 12, born at Hildersham, Percy Boud, aged 10, born at Hildersham, Ida Slater Boud aged 6, born at Cambridge, and Frank Boud, aged 4, born at Wimbledon, Surrey.

James Flack died 21 March 1898 at Hildersham. He was a farm labourer, aged 84 and died of senile decay. Selina Weedon, his daughter, of Gold Street, Saffron Walden, was the informant. He was buried at Hildersham, 24 March 1898. The burial entry records "Flack alias Gibson, James, aged 84".

In 1901, Susan, as Gibson, was living in 4 rooms in Village Street, Hildersham, a widow, aged 77 and born at Ashdon, in Essex. With her was a granddaughter, Ida Bowd, aged 16 and born in Cambridge. Susan Gibson is clearly the same person as Susan Flack because a comparison of her near neighbours in 1901 matches some of those of 1881.

Susan Flack died 26 December 1901 at Hildersham. She was aged 77 years and the widow of James Flack, a farm labourer. She died of cerebral apoplexy and pneumonia. T. Morrill her son (in law) of Hildersham was the informant. Thomas Morrill was the husband of Laura. Susan was buried at Hildersham, 30 December 1901. The burial register records "Flack alias Gibson, Susan, aged 77".

  1. William, baptised 30 March 1845, at Linton.
  2. Emma, baptised 25 July 1847, at Linton.
  3. George, baptised 25 November 1849, at Linton.
  4. Caroline, born 8 October 1851 and baptised 25 December 1851 at Linton.
  5. Bennett, baptised 25 September 1853, at Linton.
  6. Susannah (1855 – 1889), baptised 30 September 1855, at Linton. In 1881 she was living at home, in Hildersham, aged 25 and unmarried. She was buried at Hildersham, 5 October 1889 aged 34 (name omitted in the Hildersham register). Her death, as Susannah Flack, aged 34, was registered in the December quarter of 1889.
  7. Alfred James, baptised 29 March 1857, at Linton.
  8. Selina, baptised 24 April 1859 at Linton (as Selina Black, d. of James and Susan).
  9. Helena, baptised 25 October 1861 at Linton.
  10. Laura, baptised 18 December 1863 at Linton.

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