The Family of John Gibson (1769 1825)

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John Gibson was baptised at Linton, Cambridgeshire, on 9 April 1769, the son of William Gibson and Ann formerly Adcock.

He married Catherine Claydon, 17 November 1794 at Linton. They were bachelor and spinster, both of the parish.

Catharine Gibson was buried at Linton (St Mary), 7 March 1804 aged 28, the wife of John Gibson, butcher.

John Gibson, widower, married Elizabeth Flack, spinster, at Linton, 16 May 1817. (Elizabeth Flack may have been baptised 2 February 1794 at Linton, the daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Flack.)

In 1815, advertised for sale by auction at the Red Lion Inn, Linton, 6 July at 4.00 pm premises at Linton in the occupation of John Gibson, butcher, and his undertenants. There was a roomy and convenient dwelling house, slaughterhouse and shop, barn, stable, sheds, two cottages, yard, gardens and about 1 acre of excellent pasture close by. All was in excellent repair, a considerable sum having recently been spent.

John Gibson was buried at Linton, 9 January 1825, aged 56.

In the 1841 census the only likely Elizabeth Gibson was at River Lane, Cambridge, aged 55, not born in the county, with Ann Gibson aged 25, born in the county, Catherine Gibson, aged 22 born in the county and Selina Gibson aged 6 born in the county. Selina Gibson was baptised at Linton, 19 February 1835 (no parents mentioned, but she has been identified as a daughter of Anne!). These entries together suggest that this is the family of the widow of John Gibson.

In the 1851 census, in the Linton Union Workhouse, Linton, Elizabeth Gibson was a widow, a pauper, aged 69, a washerwoman, born at Linton.

Elizabeth Gibson died 26 December 1856 at Newmarket Road, St Andrew the Less, Cambridge. She was the widow of John Gibson, a cattle drover and aged 66. The cause of death was debility and old age and was registered by Harriet Giles.

Elizabeth was buried on 30 December 1856 at St Andrew the Great, Cambridge. She was of Newmarket Road, Cambridge, aged 66.

John and Catharine's children were

  1. Elizabeth, baptised 8 August 1797 at Linton.
  2. John, born 11 November 1799 and baptised 25 December 1799 at Linton.
  3. William, born 14 January 1802 and baptised 5 February 1802 at Linton.

The children of John and Elizabeth Gibson were:

  1. Ann, born 28 February and baptised 18 July 1812 at Linton as the illegitimate daughter of Elizabeth Flack by John Gibson.
  2. James, born 26 August 1815. He was baptised 16 May 1817 at Linton as the son of John and Elizabeth Gibson, butcher, of Linton.
  3. Catharine, baptised 6 March 1822 at Linton, the daughter of John and Elizabeth Gibson.

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