The Family of Elizabeth Whiffin formerly Gibson (1797 – 1863) of Linton

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Elizabeth Gibson was baptised 8 August 1797 at Linton, a daughter of John Gibson and Catharine formerly Claydon.

She married Edward Whiffin at Linton, 14 April 1818.


In 1841 she and her children were living in a tent and/or stall with 5 other families (virtually no occupations were listed) in the parish of Horseheath (HO107/66/8 6B/7A).  Was this a gathering for a fair or emergency housing because of a storm or fire perhaps or were they casual labourers?  Perhaps Edward was a member of a gypsy family?  Elizabeth (transcribed as Eliza) Wiffin was aged 43, Alfred 15, Fred 12 and Ester 5, all born in the county.  Where was Edward, Elizabeth’s husband? 


There is a burial of Edward Whiffen 25 June 1845 at Linton aged 53.  He died 21 June 1845 at Linton and was a fruiterer (Stamford Mercury 4 July 1845).


In 1851 Elizabeth and her family were living in the High Street, Linton (HO107/1761 217B).  She (as Eliz) was a widow, aged 52, a fruiterer and born at Linton.  Frederick (as Fk) was unmarried and aged 22, a labourer and Ester was aged 14.  Both were born at Linton.


In 1861, at High Street, Linton, Elizabeth was a widow, aged 64, a fruiterer, born at Linton.  Her son Frederick was single and aged 31, a fruiterer and born at Linton.


Elizabeth Whiffin was buried at Linton (St Mary), 21 March 1863 aged 66.


Edward and Elizabeth's children were:

Edward Whiffen (1823 - 1840), born 13 April 1823 and baptised 10 August 1823 at Linton (huxter).  He was probably buried at Linton (St Mary) 22 October 1840 aged 18.

Alfred Whiffen (1824 – 1901), born 23 September 1824 and baptised 16 August 1825 at Linton (pedlar).  He married Susan Casbolt 9 October 1848 at Linton.  In 1881 (RG11/1672/67 p42) he may have been living in the High Street, Linton, an inn keeper, aged 53 (married) and born at Linton.  With him was his son, Alfred, aged 18 (unmarried, no occupation) born at Linton and a servant, Alice Chapman, aged 18, single and a general domestic servant, born at Ashdon, Essex and a lodger, Alfred Casbolt, aged 30 and single, a general servant at the inn and born at Linton.  His death was probably registered in the Linton district in the December quarter 1901 aged 76.

Alfred and Susan's children were:

Sarah Maria, baptised 29 July 1849 at Linton.

Isabel, baptised 7 August 1851 at Linton.

Edward, baptised 18 August 1853 at Linton.

Susanna, baptised 21 March 1855 at Linton.

Minnie Laura Kate, baptised 31 January 1858 at Linton.

Annie Louise, baptised 21 March 1860 at Linton.

Alfred, baptised 5 September 1862 at Linton.

Walter Frederic, baptised 28 October 1866 at Linton.

Arthur Frederic, baptised 7 August 1868 at Linton.

Frederick Whiffen (1828 – 1866), born 19 July 1828 and baptised 26 October 1828 at Linton, a son of Edward (huxter) and Elizabeth.

Frederick is listed on the 1861 census as living at High Street with mother Elizabeth, occupation fruiterer.

Frederick (bachelor) and son of Edward and Elizabeth married Catherine Pendle in Linton parish church on 23 October 1861. 

Frederick was buried at Linton 27 September 1866 aged 37.

Catherine Whiffen married George Fitch after banns at Linton 25 August 1868.  She was a widow aged 29 a daughter of John Pendle a painter.  George was aged 25, a bachelor and labourer and a son of William Fitch a labourer.  They were both of the parish.

Frederick and Catherine's child was

Louisa (1863 – 1863), baptised 13 March 1863 Linton.  She was buried 28 March 1863 at Linton aged 0.

Hester Whiffen (1836 – 1909), baptised 7 August 1836 at Linton (dealer).  In 1841 and 1851 she was at home with her parents.  She married first Henry Talbot at Linton and secondly John Whiffin.  The marriage to Henry Talbot was 26 May 1857 at Linton by licence.  Esther was a spinster of the parish aged 20 and a daughter of Edward a fruiterer.  Henry was a bachelor aged 21 of the parish and a baker, a son of Samuel, a baker.  In 1861 at High Street, Linton, Henry was aged 24 a baker.  His wife, Esther was aged 24 and their children were Alice aged 2 and Kate aged 6 months.  All were born at Linton.  Henry was buried 16 June 1864 at Linton aged 28.  Esther Talbot married John Whiffin 7 August 1866 at St Andrew the Less. Cambridge, after banns.  Esther was a widow of Newmarket Road a daughter of Edward a fruiterer.  John was a bachelor and brewer of East Road, a son of James a sawyer.  In 1871 at High Street, Linton, John was aged 27 a publican.  His wife, Esther was aged 32 and her children were Alice Talbot aged 12, Kate Talbot aged 10 and Albert H Talbot aged 9, Fanny Whiffin aged 4, Albert E Whiffin aged 2 and Herbert Whiffin aged 7 months.  There was an unmarried lodger, Charles Day aged 56 a shoemaker and pensioner.  All were born in Linton.  In 1881 at 30 High Street (Race Horse) Linton, John was aged 37 a brewer.  His wife, Esther was aged 42 a baker and publican.  With them were their children Louisa aged 14, Albert E aged 12, Edwin John aged 2 and a stepson of John’s, Harry Talbot aged 10 a painter.  All were born in Linton.  In 1891, at The Race Horse, Linton, John was aged 47 a beer house keeper.  His wife, Esther, was aged 52 and their children were Fanny L aged 24 (?) employed at home and Edwin J aged 12.  All were born at Linton.  In 1901 at The George and Dragon, Horn Lane, Esther was a widow aged 62 a beer retailer and Edwin was aged 22 a grocer’s assistant.

Esther Whiffen was buried at Linton 8 October 1909 aged 73.

The children of Ester and Henry Talbot were:

Emily Elizabeth Talbot (1857 – 1877), baptised 25 December 1857 a daughter of Esther and Henry, a baker.  In 1861 and 1871 she was aged 3 and 13 a granddaughter of Samuel (1861) and Elizabeth (1871) Talbot in High Street, Linton.  She was buried 10 August 1877 at Linton aged 19.

Alice Maria Talbot, baptised 25 January 1859 at Linton, a daughter of Esther and Henry a baker.

Kate Talbot, born about 1861 and baptised 25 May 1862 at Linton, a daughter of Esther and Henry a baker.

Albert Harry Talbot, baptised 25 May 1862 at Linton a son of Esther and Henry, a baker.  In 1881 he was with his mother aged 19, a painter born at Linton.

The children of Esther and John Whiffin were:

Fanny Louise Whiffin, baptised 29 September 1867 at Linton, a daughter of Esther and John a brewer.

Albert Edward Whiffen, baptised 30 May 1869 at Linton, a son of Esther and John, a brewer.

Herbert Augustus Whiffin (1870 – 1871), born about September 1870 (from the 1871 census where he was 7 months, sic) baptised privately 26 February 1871 a son of John and Esther a public house keeper.  He was buried 13 July 1871 at Linton aged 0.  His birth seems not to have been registered but his death was.

Edwin John Whiffin (1879 – 1937), birth registered in the March quarter 1879 in the Linton district.  He was baptised 30 March 1883 at Linton a son of Esther and John of The Race Horse, publican.  He married Agnes Hammond 20 November 1905 and was a bachelor and butcher aged 26 of the George and Dragon, Market Lane, a son of John , licensed victualler.  Agnes was aged 25 a spinster and daughter of William a gardener.  In 1911, at Balsham Road, Linton, in 6 rooms, Edwin was aged 32 a butcher.  Agnes was aged 30 and they had been married for 5 years and had had 2 children both of whom were still alive.  They were Edwin aged 4 and Cissie aged 2.  Edwin died 26 November 1937 at the General Hospital, Nottingham.  He was of 77 Thorneywood Mount, Nottingham.  Administration of his estate of £200.12s was granted to Agnes, widow, 14 December 1937.  In 1939 Agnes, with a birth date of 31 May 1880 was at 2 Saville Road, Arnold, Nottingham.  She was a widow of private means.  Edwin and Agnes’s children were:

Edwin Whiffin, born about 1906.

Cissie Whiffin, born about 1908.

There are also baptisms of children which are those of Edward carpenter/sawyer and Elizabeth who were married in 1807 at Linton.  Elizabeth may have been buried in 1833 and Edward married again to Anne Reader.  It is not known which couple Harriet baptised 1818 belongs to but as it was a non-conformist baptism and Elizabeth was buried at a non-conformist church then Harriet is probably not Edward the dealer/fruiterer’s.  However, there are no children apparently born to Edward the fruiterer between 1818 and 1823, which is odd.

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