The Family of John Cutter (1686/7 1737)

Family Chart

I am grateful to Hedley Martin and Colin Hatton for the information on this page.

John was baptised 3 February 1686 at Dullingham, Cambs, a son of Ishmael Cutter and Anne (Leader).

John's wife was Dorothy.

John Cutter may have received 7s.0d from the Earl of Oxford's legacy of 10 to the poor house keepers of Borough Green. Paid by the Churchwardens, 5 January 1727/8.

John was buried 6 June 1737 at Brinkley, Cambs. Dorothy died after John because letters of administration of the estate of John Cutter, late of Brinkley, Shepherd, were granted to her 6 July 1737 (Consistory Court of Ely).

Dorothy was probably buried 3 November 1737 at Brinkley (though the entry is for Sarah, wife of John Cutter).

John's children appear to be:

  1. Sarah
  2. John, baptised 10 April 1715 at Borough Green.
  3. Ann, buried 16 August 1721 at Borough Green.
  4. Ishmael, baptised 14 April 1723 at Borough Green.
  5. Anne (1725 1727), baptised 5 December 1725 at Westley Waterless and buried 15 June 1727 at Borough Green.

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