The Family of Joseph Vollans senior (~1783 – 1867)

Family Chart

Joseph was born about 1784 at Thorpe (Thorpe Willoughby?), a son of William Vollans and Elizabeth Knowles.

He married Elizabeth Hesselgrave 20 January 1807 at Brayton. Elizabeth was baptised at Cawood, 26 December 1784 and died at Hambleton, Brayton.

In 1841, at Church Fenton, Joseph was aged 55-59, an agricultural labourer.  With him were Elizabeth aged 55-59, Sarah Backhouse, a dressmaker aged 25-29 and David Backhouse aged 2.  All were born in Yorkshire.

Joseph was a farmer at the time of his son Joseph's marriage on 24 November 1845.

In 1851 at Church Fenton, Joseph was aged 67 an agricultural labourer, born at Thorpe.  His wife, Elizabeth was aged 66 and born at Cawood.  Their daughter, Sarah Backhouse was a widow aged 39, a dressmaker born at Church Fenton and their grandson, David Backhouse was aged 12 and born at Church Fenton.

In the census of 1861, at Partridge Hill, Church Fenton, Joseph was aged 76, a road repairer, born at Thorpe. His wife, Elizabeth was aged 75 and born at Cawood. There were also two visitors, Sarah Backhouse, a widow, aged 49, a dress maker, born at Church Fenton and David Backhouse, single, aged 22, an agricultural labourer and born at Church Fenton. Joseph died 1867.

Elizabeth died 13 October 1867 at Kirk Fenton.  She was the wife of Joseph Vollans, an agricultural labourer.  She died of dropsy and old age, aged 82.  Jabez Birdsall of Kirk Fenton was the informant but he didn't inform the registrar until 23 November 1867.

Joseph died 24 November 1867.  He died at Biggin of 'decay', a farm labourer, aged 83.  Jabez Birdsall of Kirk Fenton was again the informant and registered the death on 25 November 1867.

Joseph and Elizabeth's children were:

  1. John, born about 1807 at Brayton, Yorks.
  2. William, born 9 September 1809 and baptised 20 September 1809 at Church Fenton. In 1881, at Stable Yard, Escrick, Yorks, in a household of other servants (grooms, single and male) he may have been a cellarman, widowered, aged 66 and born at Church Fenton.
  3. Sarah, born 12 November 1811 and baptised 19 January 1812 at Church Fenton.
  4. Robert (1813 – 1815), baptised 28 November1813 and buried 16 March 1815 at Church Fenton.
  5. Robert, baptised at Church Fenton 24 March 1816.
  6. Elizabeth, baptised 25 March 1819 at Church Fenton.
  7. Thomas (1820 – 1821), baptised 23 July 1820 and buried 15 April 1821 at Church Fenton.
  8. Joseph, baptised 24 March 1822 at Church Fenton.
  9. Thomas, baptised at Church Fenton 18 September 1825.

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