The family of Robert Vollans

I am very grateful to Andrew Vollans and Patricia Burke for information on this family.


He was born 20 February 1816 and baptised at Church Fenton 24 March 1816, a son of Joseph Vollans and Elizabeth (formerly Hasselgrave).


He (transcribed as Volings) married Sarah Bramham(s) (of Beal, c. 1819 - 1900) at Kellington in 1840 (registered in the March quarter 1840 in the Pontefract district).


In 1841, at South Milford (Sherburn), Robert (Volands) was aged 35 (25?), an agricultural labourer, with Sarah aged 20 and William aged 5 months.


In 1851, at Sherburn, Robert (Vallons) was aged 35, a farm labourer.  Sarah was aged 32, and their children were William aged 10 a farm labourer, Elizabeth aged 8, Mary aged 5, and Eliza aged 4.


In 1861, at Peckfield, South Milford, Robert was aged 45 and an agricultural labourer.  Sarah was aged 42 and their children were Ann aged 11, Sarah aged 9, Joseph aged 4 and Thomas aged 3.


In 1871, at Kippax, Robert was aged 53, an agricultural labourer.  Sarah was aged 52 and their children were William, aged 30 a farm servant, Joseph aged 15 a farm servant and Thomas aged 13.


In the 1881 census of Ledsham, he was aged 65, an agricultural labourer, born at Church Fenton.  His wife, Sarah was aged 62 and born at Beall, Yorkshire.


In 1891, at Ledsham, next to the Vicarage, he was aged 75, an agricultural labourer.  Sarah was aged 72.


Sarah's death was registered in 1900 in the Tadcaster district.  She was aged 81.


In the 1901 census of Ledsham, living in 3 rooms, he was a widower, aged 85, a retired agricultural labourer, born at Church Fenton, Yorks, with his daughter, Sarah, single, aged 49 and born at South Milford.


He died at Ledsham in 1912 (registered in the Tadcaster district in the June quarter aged 96). 


Robert and Sarah's children were

William, born 1841 at South Milford.  He was a brewer.

Elizabeth, born 1842 at South Milford.

Mary, born 1845.

Eliza, c. 1847 South Milford.

Ann, c. 1850 South Milford.

Sarah (1851 - 1939), born 1851 at South Milford.  She was a housemaid.  She died 1939 at Ledsham, a spinster.

Joseph, born 1855 at South Milford.  He married Jane Roberts 1883 in Featherstone, Yorks.  He died in 1937.  Joseph and Jane's children were

Robert, born 1885 and died 1897 at Featherstone.

Mary, born 1886 at Featherstone.

Anne, born 1890 at Featherstone.

Harold, born 1893 at Featherstone and died 1971 at Featherstone.

Thomas, born 1858.  He married Annie Elizabeth Bellwood.  He was a farm worker.  He died 20 October 1938 at Wiseton, Saskatchewan.  Thomas and Annie's children were

Lily, born 1887.

Alfred Ernest, born 1888.

Arthur, born 1890.

Sarah Jane, born 4 July 1895.

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