The Family of Thomas Vollans (1825 – 1901)

I am very grateful to Andrew Vollans and Patricia Burke for information on this family.


He was baptised at Church Fenton 18 September 1825, a son of Joseph Vollans and Elizabeth (formerly Hesselgrave).


In 1841, at Biggin, with Joseph Vollans, in the household of Robert Bunting, a farmer aged 77, Thomas was an agricultural labourer aged 16 and born in the county.


He married Sarah Jagger in the September quarter 1849 in the Tadcaster district.  Sarah Jagger was baptised 16 July 1826 at Church Fenton.


In 1851, at Church Fenton, Thomas was aged 25, an agricultural labourer and Sarah was aged 24.


In 1861, at Church Fenton, Thomas was aged 35, an agricultural servant.  Sarah was aged 34 and his nephew, William Jaggar, was aged 4.


In 1871, at Church Fenton, he was aged 45 an agricultural labourer, Sarah was aged 44 and William Jaggar (nephew) was aged 14.


In the 1881 census of Appleton Roebuck, he was aged 55, a farmer of 12 acres and born at Church Fenton.  His wife, Sarah was aged 54 and born at Biggin, Yorkshire.  With him was his unmarried nephew William Jagger, aged 24, born Carlton, Yorkshire and a general servant, Matilda Harrison, aged 16, born at Stillingfleet, Yorks.


Sarah's death was registered in the September quarter 1884 in the Tadcaster district.


In 1891, at Appleton Roebuck, Thomas was aged 65, an agricultural labourer, William Jaggar was aged 34, an agricultural labourer and there was a servant, Mary Wood aged 19.


In the 1901 census he is living in 4 rooms at Appleton Roebuck, aged 75, a widower and retired agricultural labourer, born at Church Fenton.  With him was his nephew, William Jagger, aged 44 and single, an ordinary agricultural labourer, born at Carlton.


Thomas's death was registered in the September quarter 1901 in the Tadcaster district and he died 9 July 1901 at Appleton Roebuck.


No children have been found for Thomas and Sarah Vollans.

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Posted October 2016