The Family of William Vollans (1809 – 1890)

I am very grateful to Andrew Vollans and Patricia Burke for information on this family.


He was born 9 September 1809 and baptised 20 September 1809 at Church Fenton.


He married first Martha Porteus (of Escrick, around 1833).


In 1841, at Escrick East, he was aged 30 an agricultural labourer.  With him was Martha aged 25, Robert aged 7, John aged 5, Frederick aged 3 and George.


In 1851, at Escrick Park, he (as Rollans) was aged 41, an agricultural labourer.  Martha, his wife, was aged 38 and his children were John aged 15 a Park Keeper's boy, Frederick aged 13, an errand boy, George aged 11, Elizabeth aged 9, Joseph aged 7, Porteous aged 5, James aged 3 and Ann aged 7 months.


In 1861, at Vollans Lodge, Escrick, he was aged 50.  Martha, his wife, was aged 48 and his children were John aged 25 a shepherd, Elizabeth aged 19 late servant, James aged 12 and Ann aged 8.


Martha's death (transcribed as Vollass) was registered in the September quarter 1870 in the York district.  She was aged 57.


In 1871, at 117 the Village, Escrick, he was aged 60, a widower and cellarman.


In 1881, at Stable Yard, Escrick, Yorks, in a household of other servants (grooms, single and male) he was a cellarman, widowered, aged 66 (?) and born at Church Fenton.  He was in the employ of Beilby Lawley, Baron Wenlock aged 31 of Escrick Park and his wife, Constance Mary aged 28.


He married secondly Lydia Jackson (a widow of Escrick, aged 38, born at Sandiacre, Derbyshire).  The marriage was registered in the June quarter 1882 in the York district).


He died in the March quarter 1890 in the York district, aged 80.


In 1891, in Escrick Village, Lydia (as Vollaus) was aged 47, a lodging house keeper.  She was with Ann Jackson aged 19, Fred Vollaus aged 6 and three lodgers.


In 1901, in York, Lydia was aged 58 and Fred was aged 16, an apprentice french polisher.


William and Martha's children were

Robert (1833 - 1876), born 1833 at Escrick, Yorks.  He married Ann Horseman.  He died 1876.  Robert and Ann's children were

Jane, born 1856.  She married Robert Thompson.

Elizabeth, born 1858.  She married George Johnson.

Martha, born 1860.  She married Thomas Poulter.

William, born 1862 and died 1933.

Annie, born 1863.  She married Thomas Smith.

Walter, born 1865 and died 1935.

Arthur, born 1868 and died 1955.

Christopher, born 1871 and died 1872.

Agnes, born 28 December 1873 at Acomb, Yorks.

Edith Ann, born 1876 and died 1883.

John (1835 - 1883), born 1835 at Escrick.  He married Mary.  He died 1883.  John and Mary's children were

Matilda, born 1862 and died 1908.

Alfred, born 1864.

Agnes, born 1866.  She married 1887? at Pocklin.

Arthur, born 1868.  He died in 1917.

Robert, born 1869.

Alicia, born 1871 and died 1872.

Alicia, born 1874.

Edith, born 1876.

Alice Maud, born 1878 and died 1879.

Emily, born 1880.

Ethel Alberta, born 1881.

Frederick (1837 - 1864), born 1837 at Escrick.  He married Elizabeth Bradley.  He died 1864.  Frederick and Elizabeth's child was

Fred, born 1864 and died 1903.

George, born 1840 at Escrick.  He married Emma.  He died 1918.  George and Emma's children were

Agnes Jane, born 1863.  She married Anthony Yarker 24 November 1883 at Hoveringham, Yorks.

Annie, born 1867.

George Edward, born 1870.  He married Mary Agnes Beedham.  He died 1940.

Rhoda, born 1875 and died 1875.

Arthur, born 1875 and died 1922.

Rhoda, born 1877 and died 1878.

Martha, born 1878.

Herbert, born 1882 at Church Street, Dunnington, York.  He died 1960. at Finghall.

Elizabeth, born 1842 at Escrick.

Joseph (1844 - 1927), born 1844 at Escrick.  He married first Elizabeth Dewse and secondly Ann Elliot 25 April 1870.  He died 1927.

Porteous (1846 - 1920), born 1846 at Escrick.  He married first Hannah and secondly (?) in 1898.  He died in 1920.

James, born 1848 at Escrick.  He married Fanny Paling in the Pocklington district in the March quarter 1871.

In 1881, at Brampton en le Morthen, James was a master blacksmith, aged 36 and born at Eserick (sic).  His wife, Fanny, was aged 36 and born at Garsaby and their children were Edith J. aged 9 and born at Garsaby, Louisa M, aged 7 and born at East Cottingwith, James A. aged 4 and born at East Cottingwith and Beatrice V. aged 2 and born at Brampton en le Morthen. RG11 4670/126 31.

He died 1914.  James and Fanny's children were

Edith J., born 1872, at Garsby.

Louisa M., born about 1873 at East Cottingwith.

James A., born 1877 at East Cottingwith.

Beatrice V., born 1879 at Brampton en le Morthen.

Ann, born 1850 at Escrick and died 1851 at Escrick.

Richard, born 1855 at Escrick and died 1855 at Escrick.

William and Lydia's child was

Frederick, born 1884 and registered in the June quarter in the York district.  He married Dora Elizabeth Pratt 1910 in York.  He died 1969.  Frederick and Dora's children were

Raymond, born 1911 and died 1911.

William, born 15 June 1912.

Mary, born 1919 and died 1921.

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