The Family of Thomas Ellerbeck (1846 - 1923) of Tadcaster

Family Chart

Thomas was born 16 August 1846, a son of John Ellerbeck, a groom of New Street, Tadcaster West, and Mary, formerly Killingbeck. John registered the birth and was literate.

In the census of 1851, at New Street, Tadcaster, Thomas was at home with his parents, aged 4 and born in Tadcaster.

In 1861, at Smith’s Yard, Tadcaster, he was at home with his mother, aged 14, an agricultural labourer.

Thomas Ellerbeck married Anne Dickinson in the Parish Church of High Harrogate, after banns, on 16 July 1870. Thomas was a bachelor, aged 23, a labourer of High Harrogate, the son of John Ellerbeck, a labourer. Anne was a spinster aged 20, of Bilbrough, the daughter of Thomas Dickinson, a labourer. The witnesses were Thomas Dickinson and Sophia Hodgson.

In 1871, at Beadleys Yard, Tadcaster West, Thomas was aged 2?, a gentleman servant, born at Tadcaster West, Annie was aged 20, born at Bilbrough and their son was John Hiram aged 5 months and born at Tadcaster West.

In 1881, living at York Road, East Tadcaster was Thomas Ellerbeck aged 35, a groom (ND), born at Tadcaster. With him was his wife Annie, aged 29 and born at Bilbrough. His children were John H. aged 10 and George T aged 8, both born at Tadcaster, and Annie aged 6, Frederick aged 4, William aged 3 and Agnes aged 2 all born at Bilbrough, and Edwin aged 1 month born at Tadcaster.

In 1891, living at St Joseph's Street, (Freers square?), in 2 rooms, Thomas was aged 42, married (Ann was not at home) a bricklayer's labourer, born at Tadcaster. His children were William aged 13 born at Bilbrough, Agnes E. aged 12 born at Bilbrough, Edwin 10 born at Tadcaster, Harry aged 7 born at Askham and Charlie aged 2 born at Tadcaster.

In the 1901 census of Freer's Yard, St Joseph Street, West Tadcaster, in 2 rooms was Thomas married (Ann was not at home) aged 55, a brewer's labourer (worker), born at Tadcaster. With him was his son Charlie, aged 12 and born at Tadcaster. So far, Ann has not been found in the 1901 census.

In 1911, at Freers Square, St Joseph Street, Tadcaster, living in 2 rooms, Thomas was aged 65, married (Anne was not at home) and a brewer’s labourer, born at Tadcaster.  He had been married for 45 years and had had 10 children of whom 2 had died.  With him was his son, Charlie, aged 22, a brewers labourer and born at Tadcaster.

A likely death of Thomas is in the March quarter 1923 in the Tadcaster district.  He was aged 76. 

  1. John Hiram (1870 – 1936), born about October 1870 at Tadcaster
  2. George Thomas (1872 – 1929), born 1872/1 at Tadcaster
  3. Annie (1874 – 1939), born 1874/5 at Bilbrough. Annie's marriage was probably registered in the Tadcaster district in the March quarter 1898.
  4. Frederick (1876 – 1965), born 6 November 1876 at Bilbrough, Tadcaster, (father, a groom).  He married Annie Crossley in the Parish Church, Tadcaster, 30 May 1898.
  5. William (1878 – 1910), birth registered in the March quarter 1878 and death registered in the December quarter 1910, both in the Tadcaster district.
  6. Agnes Emma (1879 – 1910) born 1878/9 at Bilbrough
  7. Edwin (1881 – 1959), born about February 1881, at Tadcaster
  8. Harry (1883 – 1956), born about 1883/4 at Bilbrough or Askham
  9. Ethel (1886 – 1888), birth registered in the September quarter 1886 and death registered (aged 1) in the March 1888, both in the Tadcaster district.
  10. Charley (1888 – 1969), born about 1888/9 at Tadcaster and registered as Charlie Ellerbeck in the December quarter 1888.

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