The Family of John Ellerbeck (1804 – 1857) of Tadcaster

John Ellerbeck was born about 1803/4 at Tadcaster, to Thomas Ellerbeck.  He was born Wednesday (or Friday) (5 or) 7 September 1804 and baptised at Tadcaster Sunday 25 November 1804, a son of Thomas Ellerbeck of Tadcaster, son of Richard Ellerbeck of Toulston in the parish of Newton Kymes, farmer, and Elizabeth, daughter of Ralph Doulton of York, shoemaker by Ann, daughter of - Blackburn of Church Garforth collier.


In 1841, in Back Lane, Tadcaster West, John was aged 35-39 a shoe maker.  With him were Elizabeth aged 50-54, Charlotte aged 30-34, Thomas aged 11, Emma aged 7 and Hannah aged 3.  All were born in the county.


John married Mary Killingbeck (X) in the Tadcaster Register Office on 24 November 1841.  He was a bachelor and cordwainer of Tadcaster, a son of Thomas Ellerbeck, a cordwainer.  Mary was a spinster and cordwainer of Tadcaster, a daughter of George Killingbeck, a labourer.  They were both of full age.  The witnesses were Perthenia Hoyle and Benjamin Midglay.


In 1846 John was a groom.


In the census of 1851, at New Street, John Ellerbeck was aged 47, a rail labourer, born at Tadcaster.  Mary was aged 39, born at Cowick Yorks, and their children were Elizabeth aged 7, Thomas aged 4 and William aged 1, all born in Tadcaster.


There is a death registration for a John Ellerbeck in the March quarter 1857 in the Tadcaster district (9c 334).


In the census of 1861, at Smith Yard, High Street, Tadcaster West, Mary was a widow, aged 48, a charwoman, born at Cowick.  Her son Thomas was aged 14, an agricultural labourer, born at Tadcaster.


In the census of 1871, at High Street, Tadcaster West, Mary was a widow, aged 56, a washer woman, born at Tadcaster.  With her was her daughter, Elizabeth, unmarried, aged 27, a general servant and born in Tadcaster.  There was also a grandson, John, aged 3 and born in Tadcaster.


In 1881, at Lockwoods Yard, High Street, Tadcaster West, Mary Ellerbeck was a widow, aged 73 a charwoman, and born at Cowick, Yorks.  Cowick may be East or West Cowick, near Snaith, about 15 miles south-west of Tadcaster.


Mary Ellerbeck's death was registered in the Tadcaster district, in the June quarter of 1883 (9c 488).  She was aged 75.

John and Mary's children were:

  1. Elizabeth, born about 1843 in Tadcaster.
  2. Thomas, born 16 August 1846 in Tadcaster West (no other details of place of birth, father a groom of New Street, Tadcaster West). He married Anne Dickinson in the Parish Church of High Harrogate, 16 July 1870.
  3. William (1849 – 1851), born about 1849 in Tadcaster. In the census of 1851, at New Street, William was at home with his parents, aged 1 and born in Tadcaster.  His death is probably registered in the September quarter 1851 in the Tadcaster district and this William was buried 18 September 1851 at Tadcaster, an infant.

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