The Family of Richard Ellerbeck (1717 – 1793) of Newton Kyme cum Toulston

Richard Ellerbeck was probably born at Toulston and baptised 26 April 1717 at Newton Kyme, a son of Richard Ellerbeck.  His mother was Catherine formerly Daniell.


Richard Ellerbeck jnr of Newton married Jane Ellis of Tadcaster at York Minster, by licence, 17 June 1748.  Jane was born 1726 and buried 1766, probably at Newton Kyme.


He, of the parish of Newton Kyme, married secondly Mary Wright of Hatfield parish 5 January 1767 by licence at Hatfield, Yorks.


Mary Ellerbeck, wife of Richard of Toulston died 20 and was buried at Newton Kyme 22 April 1792.


Richard Ellerbeck snr, widower of Toulston died 29 and was buried 31 July 1793 aged 76 at Newton Kyme: [of general] decline.  Note: his father, Richard, died in 1765 so he has then become ‘senior’ instead of ‘junior’ as he himself had a son called Richard.


His will was proved in the Exchequer Court of York 9 May 1794 (vol 138, f 311) and his estate was not more than £100.  It was written on 30 May 1789 [before the death of Richard’s wife, Mary] and he was a yeoman of Towlston, in the parish of Newton Kyme.  He was a tenant of the Honourable Mrs Fairfax and left his business of farming to his son Richard and the rest of his estate equally to his two sons Richard and John who were also his executors.  His other children all received one shilling and were listed in order of seniority as Catherine Marshall, Mary Dickinson, Ann Ellerbeck spinster, William Ellerbeck, Jane the wife of ... Little of London yeoman, Thomas Ellerbeck of Tadcaster cordwainer and Elizabeth the wife of Frederick Stephenson of Tadcaster.  Richard’s wife, Mary was left an annuity of £10 a year.


Richard and Catherine’s children were:

1.      Catharine, baptised 7 July 1748 at Harewood, Yorks. a daughter of Richard Ellerbeck (of East Keswick, farmer) and Jane.  Jane Ellis, her mother, was baptised at Harewood and was of East Keswick.  She very probably married William Marshall 13 June 1784 at St Mary, St Marylebone Road, London.

2.      Richard, baptised 2 October 1749 at Newton Kyme, son of Richard. 

3.      John (1751 – 1823), baptised 10 May 1751 at Newton Kyme.  He was named as an executor of his father’s will dated 30 May 1789.  There is a burial at Newton Kyme in 1823 of John Ellerbeck aged 72.  His gravestone is in the churchyard of Newton Kyme. 

4.      Mary, baptised 17 October 1752 at Newton Kyme, daughter of Richard jnr of Towlston

5.      Emanuel (1754 – 1755), baptised 7 March 1754 NS (new style, i.e. 1753/4) at Newton Kyme, son of Richard jnr of Towlston.  He was buried 22 April 1755 at Newton Kyme.

6.      Martha (1757 – 1757), baptised 25 September 1757 at Newton Kyme. She was buried 26 September 1757 at Newton Kyme.

7.      Ann, Her baptism is apparently not recorded in the Newton Kyme Bishop’s Transcripts at She was a spinster and was left 1 shilling under the will of her father dated 30 May 1789.

8.      William, baptised 24 September 1759 at Newton Kyme, son of Richard jnr. He was left 1 shilling under the will of his father dated 30 May 1789.

9.      Jane, baptised 14 March 1760 at Newton Kyme, daughter of Richard jnr.

10.  Thomas, baptised 12 April 1763 at Newton Kyme, son of Richard jnr.  He married Elizabeth Dalton at Newton Kyme, 6 March 1787.

11.  Elizabeth, baptised 9 July 1765 at Newton Kyme.

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