The Family of Edwin Ellerbeck (1881 – 1959) of Tadcaster and Toronto, Canada

Edwin Ellerbeck was born about February 1881 at Tadcaster and registered in the March quarter 1881 in the Tadcaster district, a son of Thomas Ellerbeck and Anne formerly Dickinson.


In 1881 he was living at home, at York Road, East Tadcaster, aged 1 month and born at Tadcaster. 


In 1891 he was living at home, aged 10, born at Tadcaster.


In 1901 he was living with Frederick at Prospect Place, Tadcaster, a joiner3 aged 20 born at Tadcaster.


In 1906 he emigrated to Canada on board the SS Lake Camplain, arriving at Saint John, New Brunswick, 2 April.  He was aged 25 and from Yorkshire and appeared to be travelling alone.


He married Grace Best in Toronto, York County, Canada, 1 December 1909.  He, a bachelor, was aged 28, a carpenter and a son of Thomas Ellerbeck and Annie Dickinson.  Grace (born 1889) was aged 20, a spinster and a daughter of Henry Best and Josephine Brennan.  The witnesses were Allan and Eva Buland.


In the census of 1911, in West Toronto, Edwin and Grace were Methodists and he was working as a carpenter in the construction industry.


Edwin and Grace lived at 15 Harcroft Road, Swansea, (a neighbourhood of Toronto) according to the Voters Lists for 1935 (manager), 1940 (civil servant), 1945 (manager), 1949 (works manager CNE, and Grace was a married woman), 1957 (retired).


Edwin died in 1959 and was buried in Park Lawn Cemetery, Toronto.


Grace died in 1969.  They do not appear to have had any children.

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Posted January 2017