The Family of Agnes Emma Tillett formerly Ellerbeck (1879 – 1944) of Tadcaster

Agnes Emma Ellerbeck was born 1878/9 at Bilbrough.  Her birth was registered in the June 1879 in the Tadcaster district, a daughter of Thomas Ellerbeck and Anne formerly Dickinson.


In 1881 she was living at home, at York Road, East Tadcaster, aged 2 and born at Bilbrough.


In 1891 she was living at home, aged 12 born at Bilbrough.


She (as Agnes) married George Tillett in the Tadcaster district in the December quarter of 1900.


In the 1901 census George and Agnes Tillett (the index has Tiltell) were living in 2 rooms next to Thomas Ellerbeck, Agnes' father, in Freers Yard, St Joseph Street, Tadcaster West.  Agnes was aged 22 and born at Bilbrough and George was 24, a brewer's labourer, born in Tadcaster.  The children were Ernest Tillett aged 2, born at Tadcaster, and Edith aged 1 month, born at Tadcaster.  Ernest was born before the marriage.  There is no registration for an Ernest Tillett, but there is a registration for Ernest Ellerbeck in the Tadcaster district in the September quarter 1899.  Perhaps Ernest is Agnes’s son rather than George’s by a previous marriage.  He could be George and Agnes’s child but born before the parents married.


In 1911 in New Street, Tadcaster, in 5 rooms, Agnes Emma was aged 32 born at Bilbrough and George was aged 35, a brewer’s labourer and born at Tadcaster.  They had been married for 13 years and had had 7 (sic, including Ernest?) children none of whom had died.  With them were Ernest aged 12, Edith aged 10, George aged 8, Charles aged 6, Fred aged 4, Mary aged 2 and Noel aged 2 months, all born at Tadcaster.


In 1939 (register) Agnes Tillett was living in Tadcaster RD with a birth year of 1878 and most probably George Tillett with a birth year of 1876 and 3 whose records are closed.


Agnes’s death was registered in the Tadcaster district in the December quarter 1944.  She was aged 65.


Agnes’s child was:

Ernest Ellerbeck, birth registered in the September quarter 1899 in the Tadcaster district.

George and Agnes's children (there is no other Tillett/Ellerbeck marriage in the index of Freebmd) were:

Edith Tillett, born about February or March 1901 at Tadcaster.

George Tillett, born about 1902.

Charles Tillett, born about 1904.

Fred Tillett, born about 1906.

Mary Tillett, born about 1908.

Noel Tillett, born about January 1911.

Emma Tillett, birth registered in the September quarter 1913 in the Tadcaster district (Tillet, maiden surname Ellerbeck).

+ three others

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