John Branton (1829 - 1926)

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John was baptised 6 September 1829 at Hoo, a son of James Branton and Rebecca formerly Smith.


In 1851, at Hoo Green, he was aged 21, a farm servant, born at Charsfield, in the household of widow Ann Goodnham (or Gooderham), aged 69, a farmer of 48 acres employing 3 labourers.


John Branton married Sarah Starks at the Register Office, Wickham Market, on 25 April 1852.  They were both of full age, a bachelor and spinster.  John was a labourer from Hoo, a son of James Branton, a labourer and Sarah was a servant of Charsfield, a daughter of William Starks, a labourer.  The witnesses were Harriet Whayman and Jacob Whayman (X).


In the 1861 census of Hoo, Suffolk, John was aged 31, a horseman, born at Debenham, Suffolk.  With him was his wife, Sarah, aged 31 and born at Brandeston.  With them were their children, Elizabeth, aged 8 and born at Hoo, Epton aged 6 and born at Easton, Maryann aged 3 and born at Easton, James, aged 1 and born at Ashfield.  There was also a lodger, James -?- aged 68, a labourer, born at Betfield.


In the 1871 census of Hare Lane, Esher, John was aged 40, a farm servant, born at Hoo, Suffolk.  Sarah was aged 40 and born at Kittleborough, Suffolk.  Their children were Epton aged 16, a carman, born at Kittleborough, James, aged 11, born at Kenton, Suffolk, Sarah M. aged 8, born at Hoo, Emma, aged 7, born at Hoo, George, aged 4, born at Claygate, Surrey, Roseanna, aged 2, born at Claygate and John aged 3 months, born at Esher.


In the 1881 census John was living at Esher Lodge Gate, Esher, Surrey.  He was aged 51, a labourer, born at Charfield, Suffolk.  His wife, Sarah was aged 51 and born at Branston, Suffolk.  Their children were George, aged 15, a labourer, born at Thames Ditton, John, aged 10, a scholar, born at Esher and Arthur aged 8, born at Esher.


In the census of 1891 of Esher, at Milbourne Lane (Hare Lane), John was aged 61, an agricultural labourer, born at Chesfield, Suffolk.  His wife, Sarah was aged 61 and born at Brandeston, Suffolk.  Their son, James was single, aged 30, an agricultural labourer, born at Kenton, and there was also a boarder, John Branton, aged 20, married, an agricultural labourer, born at Esher.


John was a little man with blue eyes.  He was a lodge keeper of the Eastwood (Eastman) estate at Esher/Claygate and made wine in the cellar.  A daughter was a housekeeper for him.


Sarah Branton's death was registered in the Kingston district, in the June quarter of 1895, aged 65 (2a 202).


In the 1901 census of Milbourne Lane, Esher, John was a widower, aged 72, a domestic gardener, born at Charsfield, Suffolk.  With him is his married daughter Mary Ann Hearn, aged 42, born at Kittlebrough, Suffolk, and son-in-law, Chenery Hearn, aged 51, a general labourer, born at Debenham, Suffolk.


John died 17 March 1926 at 50 Kingston Hill, Kingston.  He was a gardener (domestic) of 2 Cassis Cottage, Vale Road, Claygate and died of senile decay and cardiac failure.  The informant was his daughter in law, L Branton of 4 Sidney Cottages, Elm Road, Claygate.  He was aged 97.


John and Sarah's children were:

1.      Elizabeth, born 9 May 1852 at Hoo, Suffolk.  She was baptised 28 June 1857 at Kettleburgh.

2.      Epton, born 12 August 1854 at Easton, Suffolk and baptised 28 June 1857 at Kettleburgh.

3.      Mary Ann, born, probably 1857, at Easton (1861), Hoo Green (1881) or Kettleburgh, Suffolk(1901) and baptised 28 June 1857 at Kettleburgh.

4.      James, born about 1859 at Ashfield (1861), at Kenton (1871) and baptised 23 October 1864 at Hoo.

5.      Sarah Matilda, born 1861/2 at Hoo Green, Suffolk and baptised 23 October 1864 at Hoo.

6.      Emma, baptised 23 October 1864 at Hoo.

7.      George, born 1865/6 at Thames Ditton, Surrey.

8.      Roseanna, born about 1868 at Claygate, Surrey.  She was the youngest daughter of John and Sarah Branton and died 25 June 1875, aged 6.  She was interred at Esher Churchyard

9.      John, born December 1870 at Esher, Surrey.

10.  Arthur William, born 1872/3 at Esher, Surrey.


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