The Family of Epton Branton

Epton was born 12 August 1854 at Easton, Suffolk and baptised 28 June 1857 at Kettleburgh, a son of John Branton and Sarah formerly Starks.

In the 1861 census of Hoo, Suffolk, he was at home with his parents, aged 6 and born at Easton.

In the 1871 census of Hare Towne? Esher, he was living with his parents, aged 16, a carman, born at Kittleborough.

He married Lucy Bullen at Claygate, Thames Ditton.

In 1881 he was living at 3 Matthews Terrace, Thames Ditton, a labourer, aged 26 born in Suffolk. With him was his wife Lucy (born 29 October 1843 at Woking), aged 30 and born at Woking. His children were Ada Lucy (3, Thames Ditton), Ellen Louisa (2, Esher) and Aurthur (1, Claygate).

In 1901, at 4 Matthews Terrace, Thames Ditton, in 4 rooms, Epton was a roadman (worker), aged 48 and born in Suffolk. His wife, Lucy, was 50, born at Woking, Surrey and their children were Ada (23, housemaid, born Weston Green, Surrey), Arthur (21, a bootmaker, working on his own account, born Claygate, a cripple), Herbert (18, a journeyman butcher, worker, born at Claygate), Phoebe (13, born at Claygate) and Henry (12, born at Claygate). In 1901 at 21 Matthews Terrace, Thames Ditton was a Sidney Branton aged 42, a general labourer, born Hoo. There must be a family link here but so far it has not been established.

Epton and Lucy's children were:

  1. Ada Lucy, born 1877 at Thames Ditton or Weston Green (birth registered in the December quarter 1877 in the Kingston district.
  2. Ellen Louisa, born late 1878 or early 1879 at Esher (birth registered March quarter 1879 in the Kingston district.
  3. Arthur, born 1880 at Claygate (birth registered in the June quarter 1880 in the Kingston district.
  4. Herbert William, born 1883 at Claygate (birth registered March quarter 1883 in the Kingston district.
  5. Phoebe Beatrice, born 1887 at Claygate (birth registered in the June quarter 1887 in the Kingston district.
  6. Henry, born 1891 at Claygate.

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Posted 28 January 2007