James Branton (1801 - )


All the information about the children of James and his sister Elizabeth comes from Steve Branton except where indicated.


James was born 1802 or 1800 (1861 census).  A likely baptism is 21 October 1801 at Monewdon, a son of James Branton (and Mary, late Woods).


James Branton married Rebecca Smith 21 November 1826 at Dallinghoo.


In 1841, at Hoo Green, James was aged 35-39, an agricultural labourer.  Rebecca was aged 35-39, John was aged 10 and Elizabeth was aged 8.  All were born in the county.


In 1851, at Hoo Green, James was aged 49, a pauper and born at Monewdon.  Rebecca, his wife, was aged 49 and born at Dalinghoo.  James, his son, was unmarried and aged 24, a farm labourer and born at Hoo.  There was also a lodger, Sarah Adams, a widow aged 71 a pauper and born at Monewdon.


In the 1861 census of Hoo, Suffolk, next to John and Sarah Branton, was James Branton, aged 61, and born at Hoo.  His wife was Rebecker, aged 61 and born at Dallinghoo.  There was also a lodger, Ezekiel Smith, a widower, aged 99, a labourer and born at Debenham.


James and Rebecca's children were:

1.      James, baptised 22 April 1827 at Hoo.

2.      John, baptised 6 September 1829 at Hoo.

3.      Elizabeth, born 1833.


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