The Family of Simon Thwaite

I am very grateful to Ian Marr of Australia for most of the information on this page and also to ‘Cloghopper’ for information in his account of the Thwaites of Abbotside.


The spelling can be Thwaites or Thwaite etc.


Simon Thwaite, (eldest son) was baptised 12 February 1743 at Hawes, son of Simon of Sedbusk.  He was known as Simon Junior in the baptism of his first child in 1766 – his father died in 1789.


Simon married Rosamund Pratt 19 April 1766 at Hardrow, Yorks. 


He was buried at Hardraw 8 April 1822 aged 79 (giving a birth year of 1743).


His will was dated 28 December 1821.  He mentions his sons John and Richard, and his daughter Ann who married William Watson.  John was farming at Mossdale Head and Richard at Cotebottom in Bishopdale.


Rosamund made her will 9 April 1825 and she mentions her six named daughters all of whom were married.


Simon and Rosamund’s children were:

1.      Mary Thwaite, baptised 11 October 1766 at Hardrow. She married Ralph Metcalfe 21 November 1789 at Hardrow.

2.      Thomas Thwaite, baptised 19 July 1768 at Hardrow

3.      Betty Thwaite, baptised 1 July 1770 at Hardrow

4.      Peggy Thwaite, baptised 21 March 1773 at Hardrow

5.      John, baptised 18 December 1774 at Hardrow. He married Margaret Campbell 9 September 1794 at Hardrow.  He was the greatgrandfather of John Thwaite, the Wensleydale poet.

6.      Richard Thwaite, baptised 12 October 1777 at Hardrow

7.      Rosy Thwaite, baptised 11 November 1779 at Hardrow. She married William Fothergill 5 May 1793 at Hardrow

8.      Ann Thwaite, baptised 21 April 1782 at Lund near Beverley. Yorks. She married William Watson 31 March 1812 at Hardrow.

9.      James Thwaite, baptised 13 July 1784 at Hardrow.

10.  Jennie Thwaite, born c. 1785 and died c. 1785 at Lund near Beverley, Yorks.

11.  Jenny Thwaite, baptised 13 July 1788 at Lund near Beverley, Yorks.

12.  Isabella Thwaite, baptised 26 February 1790 at Hardrow

13.  Simon Thwaite, baptised 9 March 1793 at Hardrow. He married first Nancy Moore 12 May 1813 at Hardrow.  She died about 1814 at Hardrow.  He married secondly Margaret Scott at Hardrow.


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