William Howis (1744 – 1811)

He was baptised at Waldershare 1744 a son of Richard Howis and Ann formerly Philpot.


He was mentioned in the will of his grandfather, William Philpot, dated 1753.


On 19 January 1758 Thomas Payne, bricklayer of River, Kent paid the duty due for Apprentice’s Indentures for William Howis.  It is possible that Mary, Thomas Payne’s wife, was William’s cousin, see William Philpot.


He married Elizabeth.


He (second son of wife’s late brother Richard Howis) was mentioned in the 1782 will of Robert Frisby, the husband of William’s aunt Eleanor formerly Howis.

17 June 1790 he was insured with the Sun Fire Office as a gentleman of 27 Opposite Ebenezer Place, Kennington Lane.

He was mentioned in the 1800 will of his aunt Eleanor Frisby formerly Howis.

He was mentioned in the will of his brother, Edward Howis, dated 1807.

On 22 March 1808 he was insured with the Sun Fire Office, a gentleman of Kennington Lane, Kennington.  His other properties were corner of Marlborough Row Cross Court Carnaby Market (Hooper); Cross Court; 7 Tyler Street Carnaby Market.


He was buried at St Lawrence Thanet 1811 with an age that indicates a birth year of about 1745.


His will was dated 27 October 1810.  He was of Ramsgate.  He mentions: his brother Edward Howis of Piccadilly, Edward and Ellin Howis son and daughter of the above, Stephen Howis of Air Street Piccadilly, his sister Mary Castle of Whitfield, Mary and Joseph Bramley of Liverpool [Mary is William’s wife’s sister], Ann Saunders [a truss maker] wife of Peter Saunders of Piccadilly, Thomas Fairchild of Carnaby Street [oilman], William Howis of Palace Yard Westminster, William Baker of Dover, Mary Payne* sister of the above of River in the county of Kent, his servant Esther Lovegrove, his wife Elizabeth Howis, Samuel V Howis and Georgiana C Howis of South Lambeth, his sister [actually sister in law] Bridget Howis of South Lambeth and her son William Howis (a minor), Mary Wyborn wife of Thomas Wyborn of Ramsgate, William Wyborn senior of Northbourne in the county of Kent, Stephen, Ellen and Elizabeth Castle of Whitfield in the County of Kent, William Howis Castle, Samuel Castle of Great Marlborough Street in the parish of St James Westminster, Mary Bayley late servant to Mrs Cooke.  His residuary legatee was his wife Elizabeth Howis, who was also an executor with William Howis Castle and Samuel Castle.  The witnesses were  ?  Evans, William Holman and William Chantler.  There was a codicil dated 14 May 1811 giving Mary Wyborn’s legacy to her husband Thomas since she had died.  The will was proved at London with a codicil 4 December 1811 by his nephews William Howis Castle and Samuel Castle.

* Mary Baker married Thomas Pain at Charlton by Dover 1755.  Mary Payne formerly Baker is probably William’s cousin.


Elizabeth Howis was buried at St Lawrence Thanet in 1814 with an age indicating a year of birth in 1751.


Elizabeth’s will, which she signed, was dated 14 September 1812.  She left her clock and the drawers and bookcase in her parlour to (styled her nephew in the grant of probate) Samuel Castle.  She gave to Esther Lovegrove £30 and everything else to the five daughters of the late Mary Bramley [Elizabeth’s sister].  Her executors were Samuel Castle and Peter Saunders.  The witnesses were James Stock, wine merchant of Ramsgate and Elizabeth Stock, spinster.  In a codicil (signed with ‘X’ her mark) dated 25 June 1814 she gave directly to her niece Elizabeth Buckley, one of the five daughters of Mary Bramley, her due share [presumably because of her marriage].  The witnesses were James Stock, wine merchant of Ramsgate and Mercy Stock.  The will and codicil were proved at the PCC in London 6 October 1814.

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