The Family of Richard Howis (1720 – )

Howis Family Chart.


He was baptised 25 September 1720 at the church of St Pancras, Coldred, Kent, a son of Edward Howes and Elizabeth.


He married Ann Philpott, 12 July 1742 at St Alphege, Canterbury.



These Howis children, except Ann, were the only ones mentioned in the 1753 will of William Philpot, their maternal grandfather, by which date his daughter Ann had died as she was mentioned as ‘late’ in the will.


On 19 January 1750, Richard Howis, cooper, of Waldershare, paid the duty for an apprentice, William Baker, a son of Thomas Baker.  (William was a nephew of Richard’s wife, Ann.  See William Philpot ( - 1759).)


There is a burial of Ann Howis 19 December 1752 at Coldred (no other details available).  This could be Ann, Richard’s wife, as she was alive when Mary was born, before 25 May 1752, but deceased by 13 January 1753, the date of her father’s will.  Her death could be the reason why William Philpot made his will when he did.


In 1754 Richard lived at Waldershare and owned the freehold of a house and land in Northbourne (Norban) occupied by Prichars.


Richard was dead by March 1782 (mentioned as late brother of Robert’s wife Eleanor in the will of Robert Frisby).


Richard and Ann’s children were:

1.        Edward, baptised 24 October 1742 at Whitfield, Kent.

2.        William, baptised 1744 at Waldershare, Kent.

3.        Ann, baptised 28 May 1747 at Waldershare, Kent.  She is not mentioned in her grandfather William Philpot’s will dated 1753, so was presumably dead.  There is a burial of Ann Howis at Coldred 1747.

4.        Samuel, baptised 1748 at Waldershare, Kent.

5.        Mary, baptised 25 May 1752 at Waldershare, Kent.


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