The Family of Edward Howis ( – 1750)

His father may have been Edward since there is a burial of Edward Howes Senior 4 May 1720 at Coldred.


He married Elizabeth.


Elizabeth Howis (Howeys) was buried at Coldred 1746.


Edward was buried 25 January 1750 at Coldred.


Edward Howis’s will was dated 20 January 1750 (new style 1751).  He was a yeoman of Coldred.  His sole executor and residuary legatee was his son Stephen.  To his other children he left the following legacies: Edward 1s, Richard 1s, Elizabeth the wife of Jeremiah Hever 1s, Ann the wife of Richard Lambert 1s, Helen  Howis 50s and Judith Howis £5.  The witnesses were Thomas Birch, Robert Castel and Robert Westfield.  Probate was granted at the Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury 7 February 1750 (new style 1751).


The children of Edward and Elizabeth were:

1.        Edward, possibly baptised11 October 1715 at Goodnestone, Kent.

2.        Elizabeth.  She married Jeremiah Hever.  Neither Elizabeth nor Jeremiah is mentioned in any later Howis, Frisby or Castle wills.

3.        Mary baptised 22 January 1717 at Coldred, Kent (Bishop/Archdeacon’s Transcript).  The parish register has only the year of 1716.  She was not mentioned in any of the Howis, Castle or Frisby wills, so most probably died as a child.  She was buried at Coldred 8 March 1720 or 1721.

4.        Ann baptised 14 April 1718 at Coldred.

5.        John, baptised 9 August 1719 at Coldred.  Canterbury Archives has 1716.  He was buried at Coldred 8 May 1720.

6.        Richard baptised 25 September 1720 at Coldred.

7.        Thomas, baptised 30 January 1722 at Coldred.  Canterbury Archives has 1721.  There appears to be no burial recorded for Thomas at Coldred.  He was not mentioned in his father’s will of 1750 so must have died previously.

8.        Eleanor baptised as Helen 1 February 1723.

9.        George, twin baptised 6 October 1725 at Coldred.  He (twin) was buried 12 October 1725 at Coldred.

10.    William, twin baptised 6 October 1725 at Coldred.  He (twin) was buried 12 October 1725 at Coldred, a son of Edward Howes.

11.    Stephen possibly baptised 9 December 1726 at Coldred (the register has son of Edward and Mary Howis)

12.    Judith baptised 24 June 1728 at Coldred.


NOTE:  The baptism data were taken from a transcript by Kent Family History Society, which differs from transcript data from Canterbury Archives.  It is not clear whether ‘old style’ or ‘new style’ dates are used in these transcripts.  There are also apparent differences between the register and the bishop’s transcript.  There is no evidence that there was any other family named Howis in Coldred at this time.


There are IGI baptisms of Edward son of Edward and Judith Howis 9 March 1676 and of Edward son of Edward and Elizabeth Howis 11 October 1715, and a marriage of Edward Howis to Judith Inge 9 October 1673 all at Goodnestone.  This is perhaps 7 or 8 miles from Coldred.

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Posted February 2014