Edward Howis Junior (1715? – 1807)

He could have been baptised at Goodnestone (next Wingham), 11 October 1715, a son of Edward Howis and Elizabeth.


He was mentioned in his father’s will of 1750/1 and received 1s.


He (Robert’s wife Eleanor’s brother) was of Waldershare when he was mentioned in the will of Robert Frisby of 1782.


He was alive in January 1800 (mentioned in the will of Eleanor Frisby) and living in Timbleston (known to be Tilmanstone), Kent, possibly with his great niece Sarah Tritton and her husband Henry.


He was very probably buried at Coldred 1807 with an age suggesting a birth year of 1714.  This would fit with the baptism found at Goodnestone (see above, and Edward junior’s sister, Judith, could have been named after his possible grandmother, Judith formerly Inge).

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Posted February 2014