The Family of Samuel Howis (1748 – 1803)

He was baptised at Waldershare 1748, a son of Richard Howis and Ann formerly Philpot.


He was mentioned in the will of his grandfather, William Philpot, dated 1753.

He (third son of Robert’s wife’s late brother Richard Howis) was mentioned in the will of Robert Frisby of 1782.

He was mentioned in the 1800 will of his aunt Eleanor Frisby formerly Howis.


He married Bridget Vaughan 19 October 1786 at St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex.


He was buried 27 November 1803 at St Marylebone.


His will was dated 10 October 1800 and he was a coal merchant of Scotland Yard, Westminster, Middlesex.  He mentioned: “my two brothers Edward Howis and William Howis, my sister Mary Castle, Eleanor Howis daughter of my brother Edward Howis, Samuel Castle son of my said sister Mary Castle, my wife Bridget Howis, my son Samuel Vaughan Howis, my two daughters Elizabeth Eleanor Howis and Georgiana Charlotte Howis”.  He held property at Northbourne and a freehold house in Carnaby Street.  His will was proved at the PCC in London 8 December 1803 by his executors Bridget Howis, Edward Howis and William Howis. 

Bridget Howis was buried 16 May 1840 at St Marylebone.


Samuel and Bridget’s children were:

1.      Samuel Vaughan Howis, a timber merchant at Belvedere Wharf Lambeth.  He died in 1825 and was buried 14 January 1825 at St Marylebone.

2.      Elizabeth Eleanor Howis (1792 – 1809), baptised 5 June 1792 at St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex and was buried 21 May 1809 at St Marylebone (no other details were in the register)

3.      Georgiana Charlotte Howis (1796 – 1875), baptised 16 November 1796 at St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex.  She married Henry Lewis Robins in 1821.  She died 4 November 1875 and was of 32 Woburn Place, Russell Square, Bloomsbury, London.

Georgiana and William’s children were:

                                                              i.      Ellen Elizabeth Robins, baptised 15 December 1825 at St Martin in the Fields.

                                                            ii.      Georgiana Robins (1828 - 1915), baptised 12 November 1828 at St Martin in the Fields.  She was an executor of her mother’s will and was a spinster in 1875.  Her death was registered in the December quarter 1915 in the St Giles district.  She was aged 87.

                                                          iii.      Henry Howis Robins (1830 – 1889), born 3 September 1830 and baptised 19 April 1832 at St Martin in the Fields.  He (as Henry Harris Robins) married Eliza Coalle Percy in the Pancras district in the March quarter 1862.  On 12 March 1865 the partnership he ran with Andrew Mylne in Mark Lane, London, merchants, was dissolved.  In 1881 he was living at Brigadier Hill, Enfield, aged 50, secretary of Corn Exchange and inspector of corn returns and born at St Martin in the Fields.    His wife, Eliza Coalle, was 49 and born at Plymouth and their daughter was Ellen Mary Robins aged 6 and born at Enfield.  With them was Henry’s niece Lizzie Nicholls Percy aged 29 and born in Weston-Super-Mare.  There was also a cook and a housemaid.  His death was registered in the Edmonton district in the March quarter 1889.

Henry and Eliza’s child was

a.       Ellen Mary Robins, born about 1874/5 at Enfield.

4.      William Howis (1802 – 1857), born 22 April 1802 and baptised 9 June 1802 at St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex.  He was mentioned in the will of his uncle, Edward Howis, dated 1807, but not in his father’s because he was born after the will was made and there was no codicil.

In 1851 (Index) he was aged 48 and in the household of Georgiana Robins (his sister) aged 54 and Georgiana Robins (his niece) aged 22, in the district of St Giles and St George.

His death was registered in the June quarter 1857 in the district of St Giles in the Fields and St George Bloomsbury. 

William’s will was dated 29 April 1852.  He was of Woburn Place, Russell Square, esquire.  He mentioned his sister Mrs Georgiana Charlotte Robins and his trustees were Joseph Aldridge of Montague Place and Edmund Robins of Covent Garden.  Also mentioned were his niece Ellen Robins, his niece Georgiana Robins and his nephew Henry Howis Robins.  There was a bequest to Ann Howis or Lewis [the letters did not seem identical to ‘Howis’] who was then living in his house at Dumer? in Worcestershire.  His executors were Joseph Aldridge, Georgiana Robins and Henry Howis Robins.  There was a codicil dated 6 March 1857 in which he made a bequest to Mrs Bridget Williams of Croxfield, widow, and £10 to his servant Maria Lewis ‘but not to assist her to emigrate to Australia or elsewhere’!  His will and codicil were proved at the PCC in London, 28 May 1857.

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