The Family of Samuel Castle (1784 – 1850)

He was baptised 11 April 1784 at Whitfield a son of Stephen Castle and Mary formerly Howis.


He was mentioned in his father’s will dated 1813.

He was an executor and beneficiary (leasehold house in Kennington Lane) in the will of his uncle William Howis of Ramsgate dated 1810 and was of Great Marlborough Street, Middlesex, which was proved in 1811.

He was an executor to his brother William Howis Castle in 1813 and was left two leasehold houses in Cross Street, Carnaby Street.

He was an executor and beneficiary of his aunt, William Howis’s widow Elizabeth Howis of Ramsgate in 1814.


He probably married Martha Danby 27 September 1812 at St Anne Soho.


Martha Castle was probably buried 1818/19 at St James Piccadilly with an age giving a year of birth of 1784/5.


On 13 May 1819 Samuel Castle a hosier, of 108 Oxford Street, insured this property and 2 houses in Cross Court, Carnaby Street and another house at 39 Kennington Lane with the Sun Fire Office.


He married Ann between about 1818 and 1823.


On 18 July 1828 he was a hosier and glover of 108 Oxford Street, which he insured with the Sun Fire Office.


His death was registered in the June quarter 1850 in the Brentford district (which includes Chiswick).  He may have been buried at St James Piccadilly in 1850 with an age giving a year of birth of 1788, though this doesn’t quite match a baptism in Whitfield of 1784.


Samuel’s will was dated 3 June 1850.  He was formerly of Oxford Street and then of 3 Pavilion Place, Turnham Green, Chiswick, a hosier and glover then ‘out of business’ which presumably means retired.  He mentioned his granddaughters, Eleanor and Martha Ann, children of his deceased daughter Eleanor (late the wife of Edwin Ingle Dixey) by Samuel’s first wife.  He had freehold property in Carnaby Street and leasehold (Duchy of Cornwall) property in Kennington Lane, Lambeth.  His estate was divided into four quarters.  One was to go to his son Samuel Howis Castle then living with him, a second was to go to his son Edward Castle an apprentice in Portland Street, Soho, a third was to benefit his daughter Agnes Castle then a minor and living with him and the last quarter was left to his trustees, John Henry Church of Colchester, gentleman and Edward Hoare, of Red Cross Street, wholesale tobacconist for the benefit his daughter Ann Croxford, the wife of Charles Croxford of Brentford, a brewer’s clerk.  Samuel signed his will which was witnessed by Edgar Church solicitor? of Colchester and Mary Bricknell [his servant and who married Samuel Howis Castle].

His will was proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in London 31 July 1850. 


Samuel and Martha’s children were:

i)        Mary Elizabeth Castle, baptised 27 December 1814 at St James Westminster.

ii)      Eleanor Castle (1817 – 1848), born 8 February 1817 and baptised 24 March 1817 at St James Westminster.  She married Edwin Ingle Dixey, by licence, 9 August 1839 at All Souls, Marylebone.  They were bachelor and spinster of the All Souls district and both aged 23.  Edwin was a gentleman and a son of Edward Dixey, a gentleman and Eleanor was a daughter of Samuel Castle, a hosier.  The witnesses were Samuel Castle, Ann Castle and others too faint to read.  Eleanor’s death was probably registered in the Newington district in the December quarter 1848.  Edwin then married again, in the September quarter 1854 in the Lambeth district to Charlotte Collyer Duncan, and in 1881 was living at 7 Round Hill Brighton.  He was aged 66 a retired hosier born in Oxford Street, London and his income was from dividends.  His wife was Charlotte C. aged 59 and born at Highgate and his daughter was Martha A aged 38 and born in Clerkenwell.

Eleanor and Edwin’s children were:

(a)    Eleanor Elizabeth Dixey (1841 – 1910), birth registered in the June quarter 1841 in the Clerkenwell district.  She married Francis Adams in the September quarter 1863 in the district of London City.  In 1881, living at Shamrock Lodge, Park Hill, Clapham was Francis Adams aged 42, a stationery manufacturer employing 50 women and girls and 9 boys and born in Queenhithe, London.  His wife was Eleanor E., aged 40 and born in Islington and there were 7 children: Ellen M. aged 12 and born in Natal, South Africa, Herbert E. aged 10 born at St Mary’s Kennington, Percival D. aged 8, Arthur S. aged 6 and Stanley B. aged 5 born at St Mary’s Paddington, Archibald C. aged 2 and Ruth aged 0, born in Clapham.  There was also a visitor, Harry E. Bull aged 11 and born at Strand, London and three servants, a cook, a housemaid and a nurse.

In 1889 Francis Adams was an executor to Henry Staines.

Eleanor Elizabeth Adams‘s death was registered in the Wandsworth district in the June quarter 1910.  She was aged 69.

Francis and Eleanor’s children were:

(i)                 Ellen Marguerite Adams, born about 1868 in Natal, South Africa.  She married George Alfred Crace-Calvert MB MRCS of Llanbedr Hall, Ruthin, North Wales (born 1872 and died 1918), 11 September 1901 at Clapham Congregational Church.

(ii)               Herbert Edward Adams, born at St Mary’s Kennington, and birth registered in the Lambeth district in the September quarter 1870.

(iii)             Percival Duncan Adams, born at St Mary’s Paddington and birth registered in the Kensington district in the June quarter 1872.

(iv)             Arthur Spence Adams, born at St Mary’s Paddington and birth registered in the June quarter 1874 in the Kensington district.

(v)               Stanley Baldwin Adams, born at St Mary’s Paddington and birth registered in the June quarter 1875 in the Kensington district.

(vi)             Archibald Conway Adams, born in Clapham and birth registered in the December quarter 1878 in the Wandsworth district.

(vii)           Ruth Adams, born in Clapham and birth registered in the March quarter 1881 in the Wandsworth district. 

(b)   Martha Ann Dixey (1842 – 1897), birth registered in the December quarter 1842 in the Clerkenwell district.  In 1881 she was aged 38 and living with her father and step-mother.  Her death was registered in the June quarter 1897 in the Brighton district.  She was single and aged 54.

Samuel and Ann’s children were:

iii)          Ann Castle, born 21 August 1823 and baptised 23 October 1823 at St Mary St Marylebone Road, St Marylebone.  She married Charles Croxford in the Brentford district in the December quarter 1849.

iv)          Samuel Howis Castle, born 8 August 1825 and baptised 27 October 1825 at All Souls, St Marylebone.  He married in the September quarter in the Marylebone distinct probably to Mary Bricknell.  She witnessed Samuel senior’s will and presumably was in service to him and then to Samuel Howis Castle at Turnham Green.  She gave evidence at the trial of Henry Waite (aged 24, guilty and transported for 7 years) at the  Old Bailey, 24 August 1850, for stealing a spoon and ‘cruet and top’ or mustard pot.  Samuel had been ill since his father’s death she had said.  In 1861 the family was living in the registration district of Eton.  Living together were Mary 28, Samuel 34 and Frances 4.  Were they in Eton because Thomas Wyborn (Chemist), his cousin, was living there?

Samuel Howis and Mary’s child was:

(a)    Frances Florence Castle, baptised at New Brentford in 1856.  She married William Alfred Boreham in the Brentford district in the March quarter 1880.  In 1881 they were living at 56 Temperley Road Clapham.  William Alf was aged 26, a gardener, born at Dulwich, Frances his wife was aged 24 and born at Brentford and Ellen Emily was aged 0 and born at Bromley.

William and Frances’s child was :

(i)     Ellen Emily Boreham, born about 1880 in Bromley.

v)            Sarah Rebell Castle (1827 – 1836), born 24 February 1827 and baptised 25 July 1827 at All Souls, St Marylebone.  She was buried 1836 at St James Piccadilly (IGI has Kebell).

vi)          Edward Castle, born 14 August 1828 and baptised 15 October 1828 at All Souls, St Marylebone

vii)        Mary Castle (1831 – 1833), born 29 December 1831 and baptised 5 July 1832 at All Souls St Marylebone.  She was buried 1833 at St James, Piccadilly.

viii)      Agnes Castle, born 17 November 1833 and baptised 30 January 1834 at All Souls, St Marylebone.

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