The Family of Thomas Dickinson ( - 1903) of Bilbrough, Sutton in Keithley and Outwood

Family Chart

Thomas Dickinson was baptised 13 November 1825 at Bilbrough, Yorks, a son of John Dickinson and Mary.

In 1841, at Bilbrough, Thomas was aged 15, a shoemaker's apprentice, born in the county, in the household of John Ridsdale aged 34, a shoemaker.

He married Sarah Nettleton, 23 November 1848, after banns, at Bilbrough, Yorks . He was a bachelor and shoemaker of Bilbrough, a son of John Dickinson, a carpenter. Sarah was a spinster of Bilbrough, a daughter of James Nettleton, a labourer. They were both of full age. The witnesses were William Dickinson and William H__(?).

In 1851, in Bilbrough, Thomas was aged 25, a cordwainer, born in Bilbrough.  His wife, Sarah, was aged 25 and born at Healaugh.  Their children were John aged 4 and Ann, 3 months.  Both were born at Bilbrough.

In the 1861 census of Bilbrough, Thomas was aged 35, a cordwainer, born at Bilbrough. His wife Sarah was aged 35 and born at Healaugh. Their children were John aged 11 and Ann aged 10, both born at Bilbrough.

In the 1871 census of Bilbrough, was Thomas Dickinson, aged 45, an agricultural labourer, born at Bilbrough with his wife, Sarah, also aged 45 and born at Bilbrough. With them was a lodger, widow Margaret Hardacre, aged 84, on Parish Relief and born at Durham, Cockfield.

Consistent with Thomas’s address in 1881, there is a death registration for a Sarah Dickinson in the Keithley district in the December quarter 1878.  She was aged 52.

In 1881 Thomas was a widower, aged 55, in the household of his son, John, at Sutton Mill, Sutton in Keighley, Yorks. He was a carter for a factory and born at Bilbrough. Keighly is about 27 miles east of Tadcaster.

He (apparently) married secondly Sarah.  There is a marriage with Sarah Ann Beeston in the Tadcaster district in the March quarter 1888.

In 1891, at Middlefield Place, Outwood, in 4 rooms, Thomas was aged 64, a colliery labourer (employee), born at Bilbrough.  His wife was Sarah, aged 48 and born at Ripon.  There was a daughter, Edith aged 7 and born at Crossgate.  There was also a boarder, William Wallace, a widower aged 63, a coal miner (employee) and born at Birstall.

In the 1901 census of 3, Middlefield Place, Outwood, near Wakefield, there is a Thomas Dickinson with one eye missing, aged 75, a farm labourer, born at Bilbrough. With him was his wife Sarah, aged 59, born at Ripon. A widower, Thomas Limer, aged 45, a mason's labourer, born at Leeds lodged with them.

His death was registered in the Wakefield district (includes Outwood) in the September quarter 1903.  His age was 77.

Thomas and Sarah's children were:

  1. John, baptised 19 August 1849 at Bilbrough.
  2. Ann, born 29 December 1850 at Bilbrough (father a cordwainer) and baptised 2 February 1851 at Bilbrough.

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