The Family of George Asbery senior

Family Chart

He may have been baptised 20 March 1777 at Wickersley, Yorks, the son of Benjamin Ashbury (mother's name not given). Wickersley is a village only 2 miles from Bramley.

He married Ann Kesteven on 12 August 1798 at Treeton, Yorks.

Ann Asbury of Bramley, wife of George, died 6 July 1812 of consumption and was buried 10 of July 1812 aged 36.

In 1841, at Bramley, George Asbery was aged 65-70, an agricultural labourer. With him was Allice Asbery aged 65-70 and Barbara Asbery aged 7. All were born in the county.

In 1851 at Bramley, George (Assbury) was a widower and aged 75, an agricultural labourer born at Bramley. With him was his unmarried sister, Alice Assbury aged 78 born at Bramley, his unmarried granddaughter Alice Barbra Assbury (house servant crossed out) aged 18 born at Maltby, his son-in-law John Ellis aged 41 a quarry labourer born at Wickersley, his daughter Sarah Ellis aged 40 born at Bramley, Ann Ellis aged 6 and Elizabeth Ellis aged 4 both born at Bramley.

A possible death for George was on 9 February 1859 at Bramley. He was aged 83 and died from decay of nature and influenza 4 months. The informant was Mary Asbery of Bramley (no relationship stated). This fits with the possible baptism and place where the family was living.

George and Ann's children were:

  1. William, baptised 7 March 1799 at Treeton (Asbury). He died 19 September 1799 aged 9 months, of fits and was buried 21 September 1799 at Braithwell, a son of George Ashberry, labourer of Bramley
  2. John,born 25 August 1800 and baptised 26 October 1800 at Braithwell (Asbury).
  3. Barbara, born 13 November 1802 and baptised 19 December 1802 at Braithwell (Asbury).
  4. Benjamin, died 21 March 1805 of convulsions and was buried 23 March 1805, a son of George Asbury of Bramley aged 14 days.
  5. William, born 18 March 1806 and baptised 13 April 1806 at Braithwell (Asbury).
  6. George,born 10 April 1808 and baptised 26 June 1808 at Braithwell (Asbury).
  7. Sarah, born 20 April 1810 and baptised 20 May 1810 at Braithwell (Asbury).
  8. Benjamin, born 13 March 1812, baptised 19 April 1812 at Braithwell (Asbury) and died 24 July 1812.

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