The Family of William Asbery (1806 – 1868)

He was born 18 March 1806 and baptised 13 April 1806 at Braithwell. He was a son of George Asbery and Ann formerly Casthaven.

In 1841, at Bramley, next to his father and aunt, he was aged 30-34, an agricultural labourer.  With him were Caroline, aged 25-29, Jane aged 4 and William aged 8 months.  All were born in the county.


In 1851, at Bramley, William (Asberry) was aged 44, a horse breaker born at Bramley.  His wife, Caroline, was aged 35 and their children were Jane E. aged 14, William B. aged 10, Emma aged 8 and Susannah aged 2, all born at Bramley.


In the 1861 census of Bramley, William was aged 53, an inn keeper and horse breaker, born at Bramley.  His wife, Caroline, was aged 44 and born at Bramley.  With them was their daughter, Emma, single aged 19 and their granddaughter, Emily A?. aged 1, both born at Bramley.  Also with them was their married daughter, Jane E. Jackson, aged 23 and born in Bramley, their son-in-law, Richard A. Jackson, aged 22, a joiner, born at Bilton, Warwicks. and their grandson William Jackson, aged 1, born at Burton-on-Trent, Staffs.  There was also a general servant, Ann Ellis, aged 16, born at Bramley [probably his niece, a daughter of Sarah and John Ellis].


In 1871 at Bramley, Caroline was a widow, aged 54, a licensed victualler and born at Bramley.  With her was her married daughter, Susannah Ellis, aged 22, born at Bramley, son in law George E. Ellis, aged 25 a mason born at High Thorn.  There were also two grandchildren, Ada Asbery aged 11 born at Bramley (possibly the Elizabeth A? Asbery aged 1 in 1861) and William Jackson aged 11, born at Burton on Trent.  There was also a servant, Elizabeth Ellis, single, aged 24 and born at Bramley [probably her niece, a daughter of Sarah and John Ellis].


In the 1881 census of the Travellers Rest, Bramley, Caroline was a widow aged 66 an inn keeper and born at Bramley.  With her was her married daughter, Susanah Ellis, aged 32 and born at Bramley with her husband, George Ellis, aged 35, a quarry mason, born at Kilnhurst, Yorks. and children Emily aged 4 and George aged 2, both born at Bramley.  Also with Caroline, were her grandsons Edmond Cliffe, aged 14 and Alfred Cliffe aged 5 both born at Bramley.  There was also an unmarried visitor, Gertrude Field, aged 26, a late housemaid, born at Braithwell.


William’s death was registered (as Asbuary) in the Rotherham district (includes Bramley) in the June quarter 1868.  He was aged 62.


William and Caroline's children were

Wilfred Asbery, baptised 1 May 1836 at Braithwell (Asbery).

Jane Elizabeth Asbery, baptised 23 April 1837 at Braithwell (Asbery).  She married Richard A. Jackson.  Their children were

William Jackson, born about 1859 at Burton on Trent.

William Badge(r) Asbery (1839 - 1839), baptised 25 August 1839 at Braithwell (Asbery) and died in the September quarter 1839.

William Badger Asbery, baptised 11 October 1840 at Braithwell.

In 1881 at Bugthorpe, he was aged 41, a horse breaker, born at Bramley.  His wife, Ann, was aged 43 and born at Woodbury, Notts.  Their children were Vincent E. aged 17, a bricklayer, born at Harley, Yorks, Elenal E. (male) aged 12, born at Bugthorpe, Caroline A. aged 8, born at Bugthorpe and Wilfred, aged 6 and born at Bugthorpe.

In the 1901 census index, living at Bugthorpe, William was aged 60, a horse trainer, born at Bramley.

William and Ann's children were:

Vincent E. Asbery, born about 1863 at Harley, Yorks.  His death was probably registered in the June quarter 1930 in the York district (9d 63).  He was aged 65.

Elenal E. Asbery, born about 1868 at Bugthorpe.

Caroline A. Asbery, born about 1872 at Bugthorpe.

Wilfred Asbery, born about 1875 at Bugthorpe.  In the 1901 census index he was living at Bugthorpe, aged 25, a horse trainer, born at Bugthorpe.

Emma Asbery, baptised 2 August 1846 at Braithwell (Astbury).

Susanna Asbery, baptised 27 May 1849 at Braithwell (Asbery).

She married George Ellis.

Susannah and George's children were

Emily Ellis, born about 1876 at Bramley.

George Ellis, born about 1878 at Bramley.

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