The Family of James Turner

Family Chart

According to the censuses, James was born about 1791-1793 in the parish of Netheravon, Wiltshire. There is no suitable baptism in the register of Netheravon, but in the register of Enford there are two possibilities:

  1. 12 August 1792, James the son of John and Elizabeth Turner of West Chisenbury, parish of Netheravon
  2. 15 December 1793, James the son of Robert and Mary Turner (presumably of Enford)

Of these, the first seems more likely because the year fits better with the ages in the censuses and also the place. West Chisenbury is part of the parish of Netheravon but is north of Enford, so Enford church is closer to Chisenbury than Netheravon church. The Post Office Directory of Wiltshire for 1859 gives the following information about Enford: "It consists of the tithings of Compton, Enford and Fifield on the west side of the river [Avon] and East Chisenbury, Littlecott, Long Street, and Coombe on the east. The living is a vicarage in the gift of Christ's Hospital, London. The church of All Saints was rebuilt (1825 - 1831) on the site of the former church which was destroyed by the fall of the lofty spire, being struck by lightening on the evening of the 2nd March 1817" and of Netheravon: "......with the tithing of Chisenbury......"

James Turner (X) married Amy Toomer (X) on 10 January 1815, after banns, at Enford. He was of Netheravon and she was of Enford. The witnesses were George Wedge and William Pearce.

In the 1841 census of Chisenbury de la Folly, parish of Netheravon, James was aged 45, an agricultural labourer and Eammy (?) was aged 45, with Henry aged 15, George aged 14 and Charles aged 9. All were born in the county.

In the 1851 census of Netheravon, James was aged 59, born at Netheravon and his wife Amy was also aged 59, born at Enford.

In the 1861 census of West Chisenbury, Netheravon, James was aged 68, a pauper born at Netheravon, and Amy, his wife, was aged 68 and born at Enford.

Amy died 16 April 1862 at West Chisenbury, Netheravon. She was aged 69, the wife of James Turner, labourer. She died of general infirmity and chronic bronchitis. Jane Pool (X) was the informant, of West Chisenbury. Jane Poole was the wife of John Poole, an agricultural labourer. In the census of 1861 Jane was aged 44 and John was aged 60, and they were lodging with the Turners at West Chisenbury.

There was a death of a James Turner in the December quarter of 1862 in the registration district of Pewsey (which included Netheravon) but when the certificate was requested it was not clear whether or not it was the correct one. The superintendent registrar informed me that the entry was for James aged 73, a carter, who died at the workhouse. Further work needs to be done, perhaps with the workhouse records or the churchwardens' accounts of Netheravon.

James and Amy's children were:

  1. George, baptised 23 June 1816 at Enford, of Chisenbury, parish of Enford (labourer). He was buried at Enford 24 February 1824 aged 7, of West Chisenbury, parish of Netheravon.
  2. James, baptised 2 May 1819 at Enford, of Chisenbury, parish of Enford (labourer).
  3. Henry, baptised 21 November 1824 at Enford, of West Chisenbury, parish of Netheravon (labourer).
  4. George, baptised 16 July 1826 at Enford, of West Chisenbury, parish of Netheravon (labourer).
  5. Charles, baptised 13 November 1831 at Enford, of West Chisenbury, parish of Netheravon (labourer).

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