The Family of Stephen Seymour

He was baptised at Buxted, 16 August 1789 (Seamore).

Stephen (of Jevington) married Mary Henty of Willingdon, at Willingdon, after banns 15 April 1812. The witnesses were Richard Hutchins [his brother in law, the husband of Constant] and Sarah Reed.

In the 1841 census of Jevington he was aged 52, an innkeeper. Mary, his wife, was aged 52, and his children were Absalom (21), David (15), Elizabeth (13), Joseph (but probably Josiah) (11), Caleb (9), Arthur (7) and Ruth (6). All were born in Sussex.

In the 1851 census of Jevington he was an innkeeper, aged 61, born at Buxted. His wife, Mary, was aged 61 and born at Eastbourne. Their children were Josiah aged 22, Caleb aged 20, Arthur aged 18 and Ruth aged 15, all born at Jevington.

Stephen and Mary's children were:

  1. Stephen, born about 1812 at Jevington and baptised 4 March 1813 at Jevington. He may have been the agricultural labourer, aged 28 (with Nathan aged 21), in Joseph Seymour's household in 1841. In 1851 he was a miller's son (?) in his cousin Joseph's household, at Dunn's Farm, Willingdon. In 1861 he may have been the unmarried servant, aged 56, at Brinkhurst Farm, Willingdon, a loader, born in Jevington. He died/was buried 15 October 1879.
  2. Mary, baptised at Jevington, 19 March 1814 (publican) . She married Henry Waters at Jevington 18 May 1839. They were both single, of full age and of Jevington. He was a blacksmith, the son of Henry Waters, a blacksmith. Mary (X) was a servant, the daughter of Stephen Seymour, an innkeeper. The witnesses were Jabez Waters (Henry junior's brother) and Ann Deadman.
  3. William, baptised at Jevington, 28 January 1816 (publican). He may have married Mary and may have had a son, William Horace (baptised 19 March 1837 {grinder}).
  4. Absalom, baptised at Jevington, 1 February 1818 (publican).
  5. Nathan, baptised at Jevington, 21 November 1819 (publican). He married Anne Tobit (X) at Willingdon, after banns, 25 December 1843. Both were of full age, of Willingdon. Nathan was a miller, the son of Stephen Seymour, a publican and Anne was a servant, the daughter of Charles Tobit, a miller. The witnesses were William Tobit and Martha Tobit (X). Nathan was buried at Willingdon, 3 June 1854, aged 35. Nathan and Anne's children include Harriet, baptised at Jevington, 14 September 1845 (labourer).
  6. Joseph, baptised at Jevington, 1 July 1821 (publican). He is very likely to be the unmarried Joseph Seymour, in 1881, living at High Street, Jevington, a boarder, (with the unmarried Maria Miller, head, aged 56, a needlewoman born at Jevington) aged 59, an agricultural labourer born at Jevington. He died/was buried 18 September 1889.
  7. John Sampson, baptised at Jevington, 25 May 1822 (publican).
  8. David, baptised at Jevington, 3 April 1825 (publican). In the 1851 census of Jevington he was aged 25, an agricultural labourer, born at Jevington. His wife, Mary, aged 26 was born in Sussex and their daughter Amelia was aged 11 months and born at Jevington. David died/was buried 12 November 1894.
  9. Elizabeth, baptised at Jevington, 21 January 1827 (publican).
  10. Josiah, baptised at Jevington, 19 April 1829 (publican). He is mentioned in the deeds of the Eight Bells, Jevington when he purchased (innkeeper) a moiety of the property in November 1864 from Henry John Gorring of Seaford. He died/was buried 19 May 1876.
  11. Caleb, baptised at Jevington, 23 January 1831 (publican). He is mentioned in the deeds of the Eight Bells, 1876, as having Josiah's part passed to him and he sold this to The Star Brewery Company in 1889. In the 1901 census of a barn on the road to Folkington, Caleb was living in 1 room on his own, aged 70, a retired inn keeper, born at Jevington. He died/was buried 18 July 1903.
  12. Arthur Friend, baptised at Jevington, 2 December 1832 (publican). He died/was buried 27 July 1908.
  13. Ruth, baptised at Jevington, 24 May 1835 (publican). She died/was buried 28 June 1874.

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